What’s in a designation?

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Published: May 22, 2015 12:05:39 AM

A lot more than just a feel good factor for employees to motivate themselves

If you ever underestimated the power of a designation, you have clearly missed an important aspect of your professional growth. Ever noticed how proudly a doctor wears his badge or how a corporate head likes flashing his CEO or MD label every time he addresses a gathering? The good news is, India Inc has transgressed from the conventional ways of designating employees and added a punch to appeal to the young blood that dominates its team strength.

So a host of quirky, unconventional and catchy designations have cropped up these days. Think Chief Belief Officer or a First Impression Executive or a Cost Kill Analyst. Fancy designations often help kill two birds with one stone—firstly, it gives employees a feel good factor to motivate themselves to work well and helps the HR retain good performers. Elite sounding designations often serve as a good bait to lure potential employees, irrespective of what salary or position the role actually indicates.

The foray of social media and new technologies in the job scenario has revised the way digital professionals are addressed. So you could have a Chief Tweeting Officer and Chief Blogging Officer in your organisation. And here’s a new one: Talent Acquisition Officer–which means recruitment has become the primary task of the designated person. Usually, HR encompasses an entire gamut of responsibilities that includes general HR activities, industrial relations, etc. Designations like this help specify the role of the HR employee better. On the other hand, a fancy moniker may also be used to enhance an otherwise bland position. Front Office Receptionists are for example being called First Impression Executives to make them sound more refined.

The application of designations is crucial and not to be overlooked simply because the professional world is getting competitive and ambitious like never before. You need to have your basic employment tactics sorted if you wish to fish for the best of employees from the talent pool. Designation is a tool that helps you sharpen your recruitment framework, attract the right candidates and streamline processes in the system.

New-age designations that have garnered a global appeal with their non-traditional nature are as follows:

* Venture Catalyst
* Mobile Community Creator
* Entrepreneur Mentor
* Social Media Evangelist
* Chief Hacking Officer
* Chief Privacy Officer
* Chief Competitive Officer
* Chief Demonstration Officer
* Vice President for Environmental Innovation
* Diversity Marketing Manager

The rephrasing of designations is a sure sign that innovation has found a new place in the HR division of a firm that wishes to progress with the times.  Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and FMCG firms have been found to be particularly innovative.

Revamping the designation structure of an organisation also means its employees have a better understanding of their role vis-à-vis the larger vision of the company. If the company has more than 10 employees under the same marketing team, for example, separate designations help to assign different duties to each of them, without them feeling disillusioned or suffering an identity crisis. It cements the company’s expectations from its staff and also feeds the culture of bringing the individual’s position in to prominence in a nation where everyone seems to be obsessed with their status quo.

The author is co-founder and CEO, Talview.com

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