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Music Industry Ready to Play Tunes Investors Would Love to Hear

Statista data also confirms the trend across global markets. In 2019, the increase in streaming revenues compared to the year before was 22.9 percent.
Music Industry, Warner Music, IPO, stockal

Renewable Power Could be the New Holy Grail for Investors

Several countries are now shutting down coal-fired power plants. During 2019, the US cut down coal power installed capacity by 14,000 MW.

COVID-19 Draws Gaming Addicts Snippet Cloud May Push Gaming Fever to a New High

The youth, and some adults too, are surely going to be hooked on to online gaming for hours on end.

COVID-19, e-Sports, Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Hulu

A Tale of Two Bulls: NYSE Could Outshine the BSE Surge

US-listed companies are also reaping the opportunities of global shifts in the energy industry, with renewable power expanding.

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Race for Space Presents a Long-Term Investing Opportunity

If all goes well, the first flight could well happen this year and in another two years 3,200 people could have had an experience of their lifetime.

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WFH Stocks Are Adding Sheen to Investors’ Portfolio

Investing in tech companies that make it possible to work from home or work remotely could be as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

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IPOs with a promise for tomorrow leave investors asking for more

For a monthly fee, it will help them expand the market, just like the Netflix, Amazon, Disney model did.

IPO, UTI AMC, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders

Silver’s shines brighter than gold’s glitter as investors have a dream run

Use of the precious white metal in industries like 5G infrastructure and new breed of smart electronics could drive demand.

Indomitable Elon Musk drives businesses in the face of all odd

Musk was not one to give up as he chased his dream. His idea of using reusable rockets to reduce the cost of space travel was not worth giving up.

10 Years of Tesla Riding the Green Dream; Rival Automakers See Red

Microcap Index Outshines Dow & S&P 500

Microcap Index Outshines Peers as Bulls Drive the Markets Further.

Microcap, Microcap Index, NYSE , Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google

Banks Manage to ‘Bond with the Best’, Deliver Strong Profit Growth in Q2

It has been a tumultuous time for banks in the last few quarters.

Homes in Suburbs & Strong Retail Spending Could Lead U.S. recovery

Economists tracking the sector follow a thumb rule: for the construction of every 100,000 homes, the economy gets a 0.3 percent boost.

Homes in Suburbs & Strong Retail Spending Could Lead U.S. recovery

Apple & Google Vs The Tech Giants!

Apple and Google launched their app stores in 2008 and have turned them into giants since then.

Apple, google, facebook, amazon, fortnite,

Big Tech Acquisition Juggernaut Extends as It Faces Congress’ questions

The CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft faced some tough questions from members of the U.S. Congress on issues that were wide-ranging.

Tech Acquisition, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook ,Microsoft , .S. Congress

With 30% Gain in 2020, Gold Set for Further Rally, Silver May Add to Sheen

The rally in gold prices has come at a time when technology stocks have led the rally in equities, over 45 percent since the low in March 2020.

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Q2 Results Confirm Tech is the Apple of Investors’ Eyes

If the market believed that its operations were disrupted due to the global pandemic, Apple’s stunning set of numbers confirmed that it had things in control.

Q2 Results Confirm Tech is the Apple of Investors’ Eyes

Businesses, Consumers Go Digital, Signal Cash May Not Be King

The markets are recognising the slew of companies that are at the heart of this change – Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and a whole host of startups.

Digital, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal

Dividend Generating Investments Could Revive Sheen to Equity Investments

Companies in the U.S. generally pay dividends quarterly while some do it annually. The odd company also pays a dividend monthly.

Dividend, Investments , Equity Investments, stockal

Brands, players wait with bated breath, sporting action still eludes fans

Brands and league owners are now in a fix. Not carrying on with the action could mean they will forego a large sum that is assured as earnings from TV rights.

sports league, NFL, MLB, Premier League, NBA, NHL

Steaming Hot IPO Market Keeps Investors Asking for More

In February & March, investors were running away. Since April, investors just can’t have it enough. When it rains, it pours!

Steaming Hot IPO Market Keeps Investors Asking for More

Brands say thumbs down to FB, social media companies, revenues could be hit hard

Global brands are looking to cut their spending on social media at a scale never since the emergence of social media..

‘Easier to Pay’ mantra is making Amazon thrive

Launched in 2007, Amazon Pay is taking on the giants. From cash to cards to digital money and financing small businesses, anything that can drive purchases on the platform is on its radar.

Amazon, Amazon Pay, Amazon Easy Pay, amazon payment

10 Years of Tesla Riding the Green Dream; Rival Automakers See Red

The future looks electric. One of Musk’s babies is growing up fast.

10 Years of Tesla Riding the Green Dream; Rival Automakers See Red

5G Battle pitches companies & countries against each other

While Huawei and ZTE are driving the bulk of the infrastructure, Nokia, incidentally, has also got an opportunity to be part of the world’s biggest market for internet consumers.

5G, Huawei, Ericsson, nokia
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