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Robinhood IPO: HOOD lists on Nasdaq 100 – Check stock price here

The shares of the online brokerage platform Robinhood Markets trade under the ticker HOOD and are listed on Nasdaq 100.

Robinhood aims to spark a financial revolution and its IPO is just the beginning

Amid the short squeezes, the lawsuits, the vitriol and the battle for investing inclusivity, in Robinhood’s timely IPO we’re seeing the start of what’s set to become a financial class war between retail and Wall Street. 

Facebook warns of revenue growth slowdown despite strong ad sales, Mark Zuckerberg talks ‘metaverse’

Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it expects revenue growth to "decelerate significantly," sending the social media giant's shares down 3.5% in extended trading even as it reported strong ad sales.

US Stocks: Strong earnings boosting confidence in corporate recovery

This week’s China selloff added to investor worries about the threat to global growth from the delta variant and the potential for tighter policy.

Should Indian investors consider US stock market investment from India?

US equities have not only been one of the best performers over the last few years, but also allows Indian investors access to high growth new technology stocks like Amazon, Tesla, Netflix etc.

Investors see S&P 500 index rallying 10% or more this year; how you can gain from this rally by buying ETFs

Fund managers are bullish on S&P 500 index, and see it rallying at least 10 per cent by the end of this year 2021.

Warren Buffett’s top stocks zoom 50% this year, delivered $192 billion gains last year; which ones do you own?

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, holds an impressive investing record. The company delivered an annual average return of 20 per cent since 1965

Forget FAANG; these US internet stocks beat Facebook, Google, Apple, other big tech shares this year

Big tech stocks such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others have had a decent run so far in 2021 on Wall Street, but a few other technology shares have outperformed the frontline scrips significantly.

FAANGM stocks trump global market indices in 2021; Facebook, Google, Amazon, other shares going strong

Individually all FAANGM stocks, except Netflix, have outperformed KOSPI, KOSDAQ, Nikkei 225, Bovespa index, and even India’s NSE Nifty 50.

Robinhood IPO price set at $38 to $42, seeks valuation of $35 billion – Check offer details

Robinhood is a brokerage firm providing access to individual investors to invest in stocks and ETFs.

US-listed China tech stocks continue to fall; Alibaba, Baidu, DIDI, others in losses

Earlier this month, Beijing announced that home-grown businesses looking to list their shares on foreign soil would require approval from a cybersecurity regulator.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple users: Here’s how to own these stocks listed on US stock market

Simplified regulatory norms have made it possible for investors to seek diversification towards international mutual funds and stocks for their wealth diversification needs.

Foundation of US stock markets fragile, says Morgan Stanley; broader-market correction may be coming

At this Juncture, Morgan Stanley's equity strategist said there is a potential payback on demand from last year's surge in spending from extraordinary fiscal stimulus.

Nasdaq 100 heading towards 15000! Here is how to invest in top US stocks from India

As an Indian investor, it's better to diversify globally and bring the international flavour to your Indian portfolio with the best US stocks of 2021.

U.S. inflation tops forecasts! Powell sticking to his guns that this is a transitory inflationary environment

The June U.S. inflation print on Tuesday topped all forecasts and pointed to higher costs associated with the reopening from the pandemic.

Tesla, Nvidia and Google pushes tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 into uncharted territory

Equities and bonds have rallied amid a decline in long-term interest rates and inflation expectations as central banks hold off on unwinding the support driving the recovery from the pandemic.

Stocks to watch on the back of growing demand in residential sector

S&P index had surged nearly 250 per cent between March 2020 and early May as the housing market proved one of the rare bright spots in an economy paralyzed by the pandemic.

Semiconductor Industry: Key growth drivers and the changing trends – An Overview

The semiconductor industry is poised for significant growth in 2021 and beyond, post its recovery from a cyclical downturn.

US stocks near record highs but these 3 mega-triggers may propel Wall Street even higher

Dow Jones index has soared 14% so far this year, while the S&P 500 index has jumped 16%, but the rally may have more steam left.

Investing at all-time highs has historically not proven to be riskier than other periods

The current rally is underpinned by very strong earnings growth, which has continued to beat expectations over the first half of this year.

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