BENEFITS: Investing in the US stock market through Stockal

May 08, 2020 8:41 PM

Every investor is advised to spread risk. In other words, diversify.

US stock market, Stockal, Rupee depreciation, investment in US stocksIndians are global citizens, integrated professionally and personally into the global ecosystem.

Ask any successful investor for the mantra of making big money, and the most common response will be – we keep looking for opportunities. And, what’s a bigger opportunity than the US stock

Home to some of the biggest corporates in the world, the US economy is a thriving ground for entrepreneurs, businesses and innovation. No one with the appetite and money should miss the opportunity to be a part of this global market!

Top benefits

Access to top global stocks, effortlessly – a key benefit. Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and thousands of other global names are all there in the US stock markets. Silicon Valley and the thriving American system keeps throwing up new global companies with spectacular regularity. Why should you not be a part of the opportunity that these stocks provide? Stockal’s simple process cuts the complicated process to make it easy for you to be a global investor in the world’s top market.

Beat India-specific risk – Every investor is advised to spread risk. In other words, diversify. Investors diversify across asset classes, across securities types, sectors and so on. But, even then, most Indians cannot diversify beyond the geography of India. Not only does that impose a certain country risk, it also deprives investors of golden opportunities in markets as deep and wide as the US markets. With Stockal, you will be able to bring diversification to your portfolio by making picks in the world’s leading stock market.

Beat Rupee depreciation risk – The Indian rupee, as history has shown us, is falling against the US dollar and the possibility to slide further exists as well. This impacts the Rupee price of so many commodities (why go further, let’s pick gold and oil as examples). The fall in the Rupee impacts Indian businesses importing and exporting goods or services. As a result, the stock market returns from stocks keep fluctuating. Why not then cut the depreciation risk by being invested in the currency the world trades in? Stockal helps you make Dollar investments.

Meet your ‘global goals’ – Indians are global citizens, integrated professionally and personally into the global ecosystem. Many Indians want international vacations, want to travel extensively, want to buy a house in other countries, send a child for top notch international education or, in bad times, have enough money to get high quality medical treatment in the best medical facilities of the USA. Every time when the INR weakens against the dollar, each of these goals become tougher to achieve. But, if you invest in the US dollar-based securities, you cut the rupee depreciation risk for those goals you deserve to achieve. Go for it.

Medical needs – Hospitalisation abroad is costly. Even if you are on a business trip or a vacation, there could be certain out-of-pocket medical costs during an international location. Your investments routed through Stockal come handy in such unfortunate moments.

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