Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express to be faster! Indian Railways cuts travel time by over an hour; know more

A first-time implementation for passenger trains, Western Railways will adopt the ‘push and pull’ method in order to boost the speed of the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express, hence reducing the total travel time by more than an hour.

Rajdhani Express
With the new technology, the Delhi-Mumbai travel time in Rajdhani Express will be cut down by over an hour

Your journey on the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express will soon get shorter! The Western Railway zone of Indian Railways is planning to implement the ‘push and pull’ method in order to boost the speed of the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express, hence reducing the total travel time by more than an hour. This is a first-of its kind initiative, as this technique is usually deployed for freight trains. It is the first time that it will be adopted for passenger trains. The enhanced speed means that the Rajdhani Express plying from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Bandra Terminus that currently takes over 15 hours to travel between the two cities, may just take 14 hours!

Ravinder Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer of WR told Financial Express Online that the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express train will be hauled by the ‘push and pull’ technology where two new engines will be attached. One engine will be attached in the front, pulling the train, while the other at the rear. This will provide the extra power needed to accelerate and decelerate. It will increase the speed and reduce travel time. He added that there are other advantages of this technology as well. Apart from improving engine acceleration, it also renders a better turnaround time. Trains usually stop due to speed restrictions and stoppages along the entire railway network. A lot of time is significantly lost in both slowing down and picking up speed before and after stoppages. With two engines, the time lapse will be avoided and the journey will considerably save time.

Presently, the train covers a distance of 1,386-km distance in 15 hours and 35 minutes from Mumbai to Delhi, while its return journey from Delhi-Mumbai takes 15 minutes extra, i.e. 15 hours and 50 minutes. Indian Railways aims to shave these time brackets by more than 60 minutes using the push-and-pull technique.

Bhakar also stated that the requisite modifications for the new technique have been carried out. Trials of the Rajdhani Express train with the inclusion of the new technology, have been conducted across the Mumbai-Delhi route, passing through the Bandra Terminus, Mumbai Central Station till Mathura and Hazrat Nizzamuddin. The trials runs were successful and now WR is only waiting for the final nod from the Railway Board.

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