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Published: November 18, 2014 1:14:13 AM

Fastrack takes a cue from Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan to connect with the youth in its latest ad...

Campaign:Dump Them, Move On
Brand: Fastrack
Company : Titan Company Ltd
Agency: Lowe Lintas + Partners

The Ad
The ad opens on a young man sitting in a pristine park on a Monday morning. Next to him lying on the ground is a heap of empty chips packets, juice cartons and the like. The young man finishes the carton in his hand and tosses it aside. We now see him on a Wednesday, waiting at the bus stop, invariably again with empty packets lying at his feet as he chomps through another pack of fast food, oblivious to the angry stares from people nearby. Finally we see him travelling in a bus merrily sipping from a cola can. As he gulps the last drop he casually throws it out of the window. His fellow passengers now stand up and usher him towards the door. Even as he looks bewildered, they unceremoniously pick him up and toss him out to join his discarded can. He falls right into a passing garbage truck and we see him amidst a heap of garbage. The voice-over says, “Dump them. Move On” and then the Fastrack logo comes on the screen.

Our Take
Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the much-touted Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, we have been waiting to see brands co-opt it to push their own brand message. Fastrack has been the first mover in this regard and its ‘Dump Them, Move On’ is an interesting twist on it. Even as citizens bring out their brooms to clean up the mess on the streets, one recurrent question that has been coming up is how to penalise offenders for whom littering is more of a habit rather than a deliberate action. Fastrack’s quick-fix solution, therefore, just might delight many a concerned citizen.

On a more serious note, Fastrack has been quick to pick up a topic that is getting attention on social media, the abode of today’s youth. Given that social issues have piqued the interest of youth in recent months, this campaign should resonate with the youth. While the topic may be serious, Fastrack’s irreverent take on it brings a fresh and fun quotient to it. Fastrack has been known to be a brand that dares to take risks, picking up controversial topics such as homosexuality in its earlier campaigns. This time round, it has taken a bigger risk, as there is no product connect (the ad does not show any of Fastrack’s range of products). Instead it makes a comment on a social issue, and remains satisfied with just flashing its tagline ‘Move On’ at the end of the ad, leaving it to the viewer to interpret the connect between the brand and the social issue. That certainly requires courage, but then Fastrack has been all along wearing its red badge of courage proudly.

— Banasree Purkayastha

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