Xiaomi just launched a transparent TV and it looks stunning!

Samsung is given a lot of credit to make TVs look like a piece of art, well, Xiaomi just raised the bar is all we can say.

Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition

Xiaomi has launched, what it claims to be, the world’s first mass-produced “transparent” TV. Aptly named the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition, Xiaomi’s one-of-its-kind transparent smart TV looks stunning, even out of this world, in all the promotional renders the company has shared in its press blog. Samsung is given a lot of credit to make TVs look like a piece of art, well, Xiaomi just raised the bar is all we can say.

We don’t exactly know how Xiaomi was able to crack the code for making an “edge-to-edge transparent self-luminous display transmitting images that seem to be suspended in the air” in the first place and it doesn’t really help that it isn’t taking us behind the scenes of this seemingly new technology just yet, but just look at the thing. All explanations can wait. If Xiaomi was going for grabbing eyeballs, well, it has indeed caught our attention.

One of the ways that Xiaomi has possibly been able to pull this off is by moving the guts to a separate unit at the bottom (rather than on the back, as is usually the case with most TVs). The aesthetically pleasing circular base stand is where all the processing is happening. The other bit has to do with the kind of OLED that Xiaomi is using in this TV. The Mi TV LUX has a transparent OLED or TOLED panel that makes use of transparent components that don’t require any backlighting. This entails a screen you can actually see through and because there’s no back panel so to say, images can look like they’re floating in the air when the TV is turned on.

For those wondering, what happens when it’s off, well, “luxury” TVs like the Mi TV LUX are designed to remain on all the time, which is also why they come with fancy always-on art. If you do switch it off though, you might want to keep it some place nice, because obviously!

Xiaomi says it is using an AI Master Smart Engine inside the Mi TV LUX that can intelligently refine graphic resolution to create vibrant pictures. In all of the images that it is sharing, you can see stuff just popping out off it, but it would be interesting to see how things would look in real life. It would particularly be interesting to see how the TV will segment the foreground from the background to ensure a seamless viewing experience so while it does look stunning, its real test would make or break the whole thing.

As for core hardware, the Mi TV LUX has a 55-inch 10-bit transparent OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. Under the hood, it has a MediaTek 9650 processor. There’s also support for Dolby Atmos.

Xiaomi has launched the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition at a price of RMB 49,999 (roughly over 5 lakh), and it will be available in China from August 16. Global availability and pricing are yet to be announced.

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