XGIMI HALO+ Projector: The really big screen for your home

It’s portable, powerful and looks great in any room. But is the XGIMI Halo+ portable projector the right pick for you?

XGIMI HALO+ Projector
The XGIMI Halo+ has quite a few things in its favour, but the first would be its design.

By Chetan Nayak

I am a fan of large-screen experiences, especially when watching movies and live sports matches. However, as someone who frequently moves between homes, the pain of setting up and moving around a large TV set is quite apparent to me. So, when XGIMI got in touch with me for an Android-powered projector that you could carry around, I was excited. After having used the XGIMI Halo+ for about two weeks now, I can say that this is the one gadget I could have used during the early Covid-lockdown months.

What’s good?

The XGIMI Halo+ has quite a few things in its favour, but the first would be its design. The super-compact Halo+ is small enough to fit in any backpack, and can be easily picked up and placed elsewhere with just one hand. The aesthetics of the grey projector are also quite classic, and they work well in most setups.Elements like a small clip that you can raise on the bottom to increase the angle of elevation, a few handy buttons on the projector, and a slot for attaching the same to something more concrete like a stand or mount make this a complete package. Setting up the Halo+ wherever you go is a job that can be done in under 60 seconds.

XGIMI Halo+ can offer a very flexible viewing experience. It can project a display of up to 200-inches on any white wall or projector screen. But after you turn it on, is where the magic begins. The Halo+ can detect crooked angles, objects on the wall like a clock, and even the distance to intelligently configure its display output and focus levels to give you the perfect projection every time. It even lets you fine-tune this to your liking.

The display quality itself is surprisingly good, provided the setting you’re in is dark. Adequate brightness and HDR10 support mean you get a very good picture quality even in darker scenes. XGIMI Halo+ also has a built-in battery that charges while the unit is plugged in via a provided cable. It also has good built-in speakers.

What’s not good?

The first of these is Netflix-support. Throughout the two weeks of testing, Netflix didn’t work successfully on the XGIMI Halo+. The Halo+ is also, like most projectors, quite weak during the day. Unless you have a proper setup in your bedroom or living room to block out sunlight from entering, the projection will not be as enjoyable.

Also, the Halo+ is a 1080p projector. So if it is extreme picture clarity you’re looking for, when projecting anything above 50-60 inches you will need a 4K screen, as the 1080p display output starts getting soft.

The XGIMI Halo+ is a solid offering if you’re looking to buy a portable projector that doesn’t cost too much. At `99,999, the Halo+ costs about as much as some large, feature-rich LED TVs.

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