WhatsApp Web: How to use multiple accounts and sessions in browser

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New Delhi | Published: September 19, 2019 3:59:02 PM

WhatsApp Web, which is an extension of WhatsApp mobile app, adds convenience for users to chat more freely using a PC instead of a phone sans the hassle of using clumsy keypad.

Using two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on your PC using WhatsApp Web is simpler than you think

WhatsApp let users quickly send and receive messages from the computer through the WhatsApp Web feature. The feature has gained popularity among WhatsApp’s over 1.6 billion active users worldwide as it is free and easy to use. WhatsApp Web has eliminated a couple of problems faced by its users. The extension of WhatsApp mobile app, WhatsApp Web, adds convenience for users to chat more freely using a PC instead of a phone. But for users with more than one WhatsApp account, the feature can be a big limitation in a way that a user will have to logout of the primary account to use secondary WhatsApp account on PC.

But there’s a way out. Here’s how you can access two or more WhatsApp accounts on Chrome:

Using Incognito mode or another browser

You have often used incognito mode on your mobile and PC for regular searches and access multiple accounts simultaneously. In a quite similar manner, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on PC. It is one of the most simple and easiest methods. All you need to do is open the Incognito mode in your browser, and open WhatsApp Web from there. You can also use a different browser like Firefox or Opera to open your secondary WhatsApp Web account. Scan the QR code from the mobile app and access your account.

However, this method has its share of limitations. For one, you lose the session as soon as you close the browser or tab. To open new WhatsApp Web sessions, you’ll need to scan the code again.

Although it’s an easier way, it has certain limitations like you may be logged out and lose the session as soon as you close the browser either mistakenly or intentionally. And, to continue using the messaging app on PC, you will need to scan the QR code all over again. The next method offers solution in such a situation.

Using a dedicated Chrome extension

There are numerous extensions in the Chrome browser that makes life easier and Session Box is one of them. Session Box allows you to use multiple accounts on the same browser at the same time. The sessions are stored in the browser and in the next login, the user will have to just click a dedicated button. Moreover, the extension lets create temporary sessions so that the same URL can be used on different browsers. Follow these five simple steps to use multiple WhatsApp accounts the browser:

1) Download and install Sessions Box extension and open WhatsApp Web in the browser and log in with your primary account.

2) Click on the Session Box icon at the status bar and look for the ‘Sessions for current page’ card. Click on the Plus icon at the far-right end to create a Stored session.

3) Assign a name to your session and pick a colour and icon of your choice to help you differentiate the tabs later. If you do not want this session to sync to other devices, tap on the Sync icon below the name.

4) Once everything has been selected and entered, click on OK to create a new session. Scan the QR code using your secondary WhatsApp account.

5) Now, both your accounts are logged in. You just need to switch between the tabs (Ctrl + Shift +Tab) to access the accounts.

The extension automatically remembers your session and you need to just close the tab at the end. Next time you need to access this account, simply click on the Session Box icon and click on the name you assigned to it. If you want to delete session details of all your accounts and sites that you no longer need, click on the three-dot menu and select Delete option.

The extension allows you to create temporary sessions also, which means you don’t need to name the sessions. Instead, it directly opens the login page.

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