This could save $30 billion in business, governments’ research

New Delhi | Published: November 7, 2018 12:12:57 AM

Built on state-of-art blockchain architecture, Aarzoo Search is unfazed by sponsored data.

Search needs to become faster, easier and reliable

By Vinod Sujan

Businesses and governments invest more than $ 60 billion in research every year worldwide. The shocking part is, at least half of these costs could be saved if only “search” became faster, easier, honest, trustworthy and reliable. That’s because about 80% of the research spends are burnt on getting simple numbers and counts —data, which in the 21st century should not demand ‘high-end’ research expertise.

Another $30 billion is wasted annually by businesses either in pursuit of wrong opportunities or because organisations just could not identify the real threats correctly, on time, and before they could be hit.

Aarzoo Search is rapidly preparing to hit the scene with what is easily, the most secure, speediest and trustful global search ecosystem for businesses we may have yet seen. Built on the state-of-the-art blockchain architecture, combining the powers of the world’s most advanced architectures, Aarzoo Search is designed around the mission to deliver search results that are faithful to the query and completely unfazed and incorruptible by promoted or sponsored data.

As the world’s first ever and the most powerful enterprise and business search infrastructure exclusively architected for businesses and governments, Aarzoo Search blends the time-tested weapons-grade Aarzoo security features with the powerful capabilities of blockchain-powered distributed computing. Aarzoo’s scaled blockchain accelerates the blockchain process, without sacrificing security, by figuring out how many computers are necessary to validate each transaction and dividing up the work efficiently.

In blockchain, the chain of transactions (or fragments of information) is in practice unchangeable—this is what ensures the reliability of the information stored. We have addressed this issue by providing a secure data vault where data can be permanently locked from view, once a lawful authority backed by a competent jurisdiction or court of law requests or orders such a permanent lock.

Blockchain technology can be a game changer for emerging India. At least 10 million new jobs can be added in the first few years in India and the technology can be used for a lot of social good as well.

Whenever Silicon Valley has faced an emerging new technological revolution, whether it’s silicon chip or software or internet, it was faced with the same challenge. Being new technologies, there weren’t enough experts to take it forward. So they, the nascent industry players very pragmatically retrained existing people with three basic traits:
Analytical thinking
Mathematical background
Art of logic

Indians fit the bill on all three counts. In addition, Indians are sagacious and persistent. And we all know persistence can take you further than any other quality alone, it can help overcome almost any challenge. To add to the list, Indians are extremely adaptable, can learn on the fly and think on their feet.

(Aarzoo will launch on August 15, 2019 exclusively in India)

The writer is CEO, Aarzoo Search Portal

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