Sony WH-XB700 headphones: Heavy bass, good battery life

Sony’s WH-XB700 are a more mid-range option for those looking for bass-heavy headphones.

Overall, Sony’s WH-XB700 are a more mid-range option for those looking for bass-heavy headphones.

Sony is continuing its onslaught on the wireless audio segment, offering products catering to different purchasing powers and listening tastes. Its latest, the WH-XB700 Bluetooth wireless headphone set, brings the price down a bit more and still packs in a bunch of features at Rs 8,990.

I am not a big fan of bulky headphones as they don’t sit properly on my tiny head. That was not a problem with these Sony headphones. They have a nice matte finish, and a stylish look. The headphones felt lightweight at 195 grams, which is very crucial when one considers the audio products.

Sony has given users the option of using a 3.5-mm headphone jack as well with the headphones which is really useful. I could not get these to pair with a new MacBook Air via Bluetooth and found the headphone jack option convenient. The headphones can be charged via the Type-C USB cable provided in the box. While the right earcup has the volume controls, the left one has the power button, the 3.5-mm port, charging port and a custom button to call Siri or Google Assistant, depending on your device.

I particularly enjoyed using these headphones to consume video content on Netflix. The audio quality definitely packs a punch when you are watching television shows, and these being bass-heavy, actually helps. I also enjoyed these when listening to podcasts, given that the audio had a lot more depth.

Music did not appear distorted, unless I manually tweaked settings for ‘Clear Bass’ in the Sony app. The Headphones Connect app lets you choose from a range of spatial settings, though I would not recommend relying too much on these because it can get out of hand, overpowering the vocals, which is what I want in sharp focus when I am listening to my pop music. Still, I would not say the audio is jarring, even when I went with the highest level for Clear Bass in the app.

What impressed me the most with these headphones is the battery life. I never got around to charging them beyond 50% and even with 20% battery these will last for a good four hours or more, which is impressive. Sony is claiming a battery life of 30 hours, and I would say that this is a claim which is easily fulfilled.

My main issue with the headphones was that the Bluetooth connectivity can be patchy. It did not connect with my MacBook Air, no matter how much I tried. Even with my iPhone, it took two to three attempts to get these to sync with the device.

Overall, Sony’s WH-XB700 are a more mid-range option for those looking for bass-heavy headphones. The headphones also come with impressive battery life for Bluetooth, which should be sufficient for most users.

Estimated street price: Rs 8,990

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