Smartphones now help you become cutting-edge photographer too

Published: May 14, 2015 12:07:42 AM

Do you remember the first photo you took with your feature phone sometime in the early 2000s?

Do you remember the first photo you took with your feature phone sometime in the early 2000s? Those images hardly expressed the creativity of a photographer in you. With smartphones of modern era; you will find that technology has endowed you with immense possibilities to fulfill your dream as a photographer.

The prologue of the front camera brought a whole new angle to the way people connect with each other. These days the idea of a mobile without camera or video provision seems meaningless. Smartphone cameras are more manageable than most digital cameras and offer faster connection with the Internet which is a key consideration in this virtual age.

With smartphones taking over as personal cameras for many professionals, innovation is at its best among brands competing to capture the flourishing market that stood at over $276 billion in 2014. Thanks to the latest
advancements in camera technology, you find camera phones as good as or even better than some of the popular cameras available in the market.

A great example of how a phone camera is bringing social revolution to the forefront is the single rotating camera by Oppo that can function as both primary and secondary camera allowing you to get panoramic view along with your selfie at any angle. Since the single powerful lens serves the purpose of both cameras, this revolutionary technology addresses the quality concerns associated with front cameras. With automated rotating technology, your job of rotating the camera manually is minimal. The camera rotates automatically while using the auto panorama mode.

The Pure Image 2.0+ technology enables Oppo into the leading position of providing incredible photographic equipment within the smartphones, as well as offering a multiple camera design platform which brings a breathtaking and gorgeous user experience for consumers. Pure Image, the brain of the camera, utilides new PI 2.0+ technology, and provides an intuitive pick-up and play format for users to turn their photos from idea to reality.

Through a photo sampling analysis of typical scenes, Oppo has established a rich feature library which is included in the PI 2.0+, thus empowering the image processing engine with the experience of a professional photographer. The 8 Beautify Modes, Double Exposure and GIF provides you superb quality and amazing high-end features, helps you to take pictures as real as you see by the eyes. The camera modes of the PI 2.0+ image platform can be fully personalised, turning your smartphone’s camera into your very own private photography editing suite.

With smartphones becoming powerful, youngsters and elders are busy shooting every moment of their lives and sharing them with friends and fans. Understanding that professional cameras were not for everyone, Oppo has released a professional camera plugin with features such as white balance, ISO, exposure compensation and manual focus, matching closely that of a real compact camera system.

Leading smartphone makers are focusing their innovations exclusively on camera technologies to attract new customers. The insatiable creativity of smartphone fans have forced the vendors to focus on features like low-light shooting, higher resolution for better clarity photos and videos, and more.

Smartphone cameras now come with integrated lenses—five or more—to give you the perfect shots whether in bright light or dim light. Some of these gadgets are fitted with technologies like LED flash that aid natural lighting
effects. With improved technologies like Colour Optimisation, these smart cameras are now able to automatically analyse the photo environment and pick the colour mode accordingly. Another innovation called Optical Image Stabilisation helps smartphone users dilute the impact of minor shakes while shooting. Innovations like Double Exposure and Slow Shutter are some of the curious features any smartphone users would love to possess. Features such as white balance, ISO, exposure compensation and manual focus, which are typically found in professional cameras, have become part of some of the compact smartphones of today.

In short, the rapid evolution of smartphones and mobile camera technology has impacted information sharing to a great extent. Professionals wandering in hostile terrains and challenging environment can now relax and give rest to their bulky backpack and shooting gears. Smartphone companies have not let any stone unturned as they embarked on the never-ending smartphone innovations. With their curious brains in action and a large smartphone market calling them, more innovations are on the cards in smartphone camera technology.

By Tom Lu

The writer is CEO, Oppo Mobile India

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