SHARP-QNET ZENSATIONAL AIR PURIFIER: Clean & fresh air on wheels

Sharp-QNet ZENsational is an elegant piece of equipment that incorporates high-end technology and ensures a very good level of air purification

Air purifiers with Plasmacluster ion technology are also said to deactivate coronavirus by 90%.
Air purifiers with Plasmacluster ion technology are also said to deactivate coronavirus by 90%.

Nowadays, quite a few Indian households (at least in the big cities) have air purifiers to keep their indoors pollution-free. Studies appear to suggest that reduction in particulate matter and allergens results in reducing symptoms, and in certain cases, preventing disease progression across all age groups including elderly and children. The evidences are apparent in chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and cardiovascular health. Air purifiers with Plasmacluster ion technology are also said to deactivate coronavirus by 90%. More on it at a later stage.

This reviewer has been using Sharp-QNet ZENsational air purifier for the past few days and the machine is pretty effective in keeping our indoors clean and fresh. It gives you a very good level of air purification. It also promises to remove dangerous particulates from our living and work places. QNet, one of Asia’s leading direct selling company, is offering this co-branded (Sharp-QNet ZENsational) air purifier for Rs 97,620. QNet’s distribution channel comprises a strong network of over 5 lakh distributors spread across key cities in India. Let us check some of its key features and performance.

Out of the box, the Sharp-QNet ZENsational air purifier comes across as a elegant piece of equipment that is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, you can place it anywhere you like—in the living room, bedroom or even at your workplace, provided there is a need for it. The best thing I liked about this air purifier is its portability and ease of use. It weighs a mere 10.5 kg and has wheels, therefore it is quite mobile.

Most important, the ZENsational air purifier has Sharp’s patented Plasmacluster ion technology, an integrated humidifier, and seven Intelligent-Detection Modes, the first of its kind in this category. The air purifier has an intelligent sensor system that monitors and indicates the dust, odour, haze, temperature, and humidity conditions of the room. Based on the requirement, the sensors detect the need and automatically adjust the function, resulting in energy efficiency. It purifies the indoor air by emitting positive and negative ions which are present in nature.

Let me point out some of the key benefits. One, high density Plasmacluster ions are said to kill 29 different types of pathogens (H1N1, MRSA, E.coli, Cladosporium, etc) present in the air and from the surfaces. Two, dual action with Pandaa filter neutralises gases and chemical fumes and converts into harmless gases. Basically, a double deodorising function is performed here. It decomposes haze substances (Toluene, Ethylbenzene, xylene, etc) along with other household toxins. Three, true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns that pass through it, including pollen, mould, pet dander and dust. Four, an integrated humidifier helps to keep your skin healthy and safeguard against throat infection. Five, the air purifier removes clinging odors and bacteria quickly.

Once you press the button, everything operates automatically. Humidifying and air purification are controlled according to the impurities, odours, temperature, and humidity of the air in the room. Also, a motion sensor detects whether people are present, working in coordination with a light sensor to automatically switch to energy-saving operation.

In short, bring this air purifier home and say goodbye to indoor air pollution.

Estimated street price: Rs 97,620

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