Sharp FP FM40E Air Purifier priced at Rs 26,000; it even kills mosquitoes!

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Updated: July 31, 2017 3:12:41 AM

This Sharp air purifier addresses two pressing issues—making our homes pollution-free and eradicating blood-sucking mosquitoes

Sharp FP FM40E Air Purifier, Sharp, price of Sharp FP FM40E Air Purifier, features of Sharp FP FM40E Air Purifier, Mosquito CatcherThe machine has the capability to address to two pressing issues—make our homes and offices pollution-free, as well as eradicate blood-sucking mosquitoes that have a tendency to invade our homes especially during the rainy season.

From a new-age mobile phone to a smart kitchen appliance, refrigerator or even an air conditioner, most smart devices are intended to make our life easier, simply at the touch of a button. Japanese consumer electronics giant Sharp has debuted an air purifier that comes with a smart mosquito-catching mechanism. The machine has the capability to address to two pressing issues—make our homes and offices pollution-free, as well as eradicate blood-sucking mosquitoes that have a tendency to invade our homes especially during the rainy season.

We got the Sharp FP-FM40E air purifier for a product evaluation, a pleasing and neat-looking piece of equipment that will surely not look odd in your office or living room. It retails for Rs 26,000. Let us check out some of its key features and overall performance.

It is not a hard task to set up the Sharp air purifier. With pedestal mode of installation, it is extremely convenient to use and install the machine. Connect the machine to a power source and the air purifier comes to life in an instant. What impressed me most was the machine’s extremely silent operation. The power button is at the top along with a button to select the speed. The display panel has various other command buttons—Mode, Power, Mosquito Catcher etc. The Dust sign indicates the air purity of the room in three levels with colour changes—Green is clean, Red is impure and Orange is in-between. The Sharp air purifier has inbuilt intelligent light sensors which constantly monitor the air quality in the room to adjust clean air flow in accordance to the air quality.

I installed the air purifier, first in my bedroom and then in my daughter’s, and the Sharp machine did a pretty good job in making the room pollution-free. Using negative ions, the air purifier helps to clean and refresh the contaminated indoor air by deactivating mould, viruses, bacteria and neutralising volatile organic compounds (VOC) and toxic gases.

Technical-speak, this Sharp air purifier covers an area of up to 300 sq. feet. It is a unique combination of air treatment technologies (Plasmacluster + triple filtration system; the former is Sharp’s exclusive patented technology) plus mosquito catcher function. Plasmacluster treats the air similar to the way nature cleans the environment by emitting a balance of positive and negative ions.

Basically the Sharp air purifier draws in room air from the air intake, passes the air through a pre-filter, a deodorising filter and a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter inside of the unit. HEPA filters have the efficiency to catch and trap indoor carcinogens particles like PM 2.5 particulates (removes upto 99.99%), pollen as small as 0.03 microns, allergens, surface adhering mold, fine dust and clinging odours like cigarette smoke, foul smells or pet odour. The deodorising filter gradually absorbs odours as they pass through the filter.

The mosquito catcher function of FP-FM40E air purifier is equally impressive. With its chemical-free 5 step mosquito-catching mechanism, the air purifier effectively captures mosquitoes and fruit flies. The unit has a stylish black exterior with tiny entrance on both sides to entice indoor mosquitoes. The UV lights attract mosquitoes which are captured by powerful air suction that traps them on a strong glue sheet. When the mosquitoes come close to the trap window of catch panel, they are sucked by the powerful air flow, then they are firmly caught by the glue sheet attached to the inner side of the catch panel.

My takeaways: the Sharp air purifier does a good job at improving the quality of air indoors. By that yardstick, it is a must-have equipment for those living in smog-infested regions, as well as for those with allergies and respiratory diseases. Even more important, with monsoon the mosquito population explodes resulting in mosquito-borne diseases. Here again, the Sharp air purifier can be used as a tool to prevent mosquito-infestation in Indian households and hence it finds a strong recommendation.

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