Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Watch Active, & Galaxy Fit launched: From pricing to specifications

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New Delhi | Updated: February 21, 2019 2:23:31 am

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy Fold smartphones at Unpacked 2019

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked launch event has wrapped up, wherein a slew of promising devices was launched. The Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit, and finally, the Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ starts at $999.99 (roughly Rs 72,000), the Galaxy S10 starts at $899.99 (roughly Rs 64,000), the Galaxy S10e starts at $749.99 (roughly Rs 53,490), the Galaxy Fold costs $1,980 (roughly Rs 1,05,000), the Galaxy Watch Active costs $129 (roughly Rs 9,200). The price of Galaxy Fit and Galaxy S10 5G are not known as of now.

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event began at 12:30 am, February 21 IST. The company is already streaming the event live via its website, while its social media handles will share updates as well. Alternatively, you can follow our live blog to get the live updates from the event.

As for the details, everything about the Samsung Galaxy S10 trio was already out in the open, thanks to multiple leaks. Even Samsung spilt the beans by accidentally airing the Galaxy S10+ TV commercial on a television network in Norway. According to the speculations, the Galaxy S10 has a 6.1-inch QHD+ display, the Galaxy S10+ has a 6.3-inch QHD+ display, and the Galaxy S10E packs a 5.8-inch QHD+ display, all with the Infinity-O Super AMOLED material.

The smartphones are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and company’s own Exynos 9820 processor for different markets. India will get the model with the latter processor. The Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 also come bearing an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor.  The Galaxy S10+ has a total of five cameras – three on the rear and two on the front, the Galaxy S10 has four cameras – three on the rear and one on the front, the Galaxy S10E just has total three cameras – two on the rear and one on the front.

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Live Blog

Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10E, and Galaxy Fold are going to make debut at Unpacked 2019


    02:23 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    02:03 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    That's a wrap. Stay tuned for all the news on Samsung's new products.

    02:01 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Samsung Customer service has been upped to 24x7 via the Members app.

    01:58 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Samsung has partnered Verizon for the 5G rollout in the US. Verizon customers will be the first one to get the hands on Galaxy S10 5G.

    01:55 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    These seem testimonials from the telecom companies including T-Mobile and Vodafone.

    01:54 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Sprint has chosen Samsung Galaxy S10 5G as the device to show in its 5G advertisements 

    01:53 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Samsung is partnering a lot of telecom partners around the world for the 5G rollout.

    01:52 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    DJ Koh is back on the stage to talk more about 5G

    01:51 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy S10 5G even has a fourth camera on the back - the Time of Flight camera sitting next to the three sensors available on the Galaxy S10.

    01:51 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy S10 5G has a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, a 4500mAH battery, and a 25W charger for fast charging.

    01:50 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Samsung says the Galaxy S10 5G can offer 'HyperFast' speed, which will make all the content accessible in an "instant".

    01:49 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G houses the 5G modems that will be twice as fast as the 4G networks.

    01:48 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Samsung wants to lead the deployment of 5G, which is why the company is announcing the Galaxy S10 5G.

    01:47 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    "5G will change everything."

    01:46 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Samsung is now talking 5G which is expected to roll out by the latter half of this year starting with the US.

    01:44 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy S10 can charge both Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Fit wirelessly.

    01:42 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Both have AMOLED displays and can lower brightness automatically during low lights. The Galaxy Watch and Fit can detect up to 6 working routines. But in case they cannot, you can manually add your exercise routines.

    01:40 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy Fit is just 26 grams light and can go over a week on a single charge. It is water resistant and repels dust.

    01:39 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy Watch 5 atm water resistant and lets you access apps on the screen easily. There are over 16,000 watch faces on it.

    01:38 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    It's time for Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit wearables.

    01:37 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy Buds come with wireless charging that can be charged via Galaxy S10 rear

    They will be available starting March 8 at $129 and come in three colours - white, black, and yellow.

    01:37 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Bixby now speaks German, Spanish, and Italian. It also now detects British English.

    01:36 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Bixby powers the Galaxy Buds that let you use voice commands to get things done.

    01:35 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy Buds come with up to 5 hours of calls and you can stream up to 6 hours of music on single charge.

    01:35 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy Buds have sound powered by AKG. They have adaptive dual mics - one on the outside and one on the inside.

    01:34 (IST)21 Feb 2019
    01:34 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Next-gen wearables - Galaxy Buds. Here they are!

    01:33 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Now, it's time for Galaxy Buds and other products from Samsung's ecosystem.

    01:33 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e sale opens March 8 in the US.

    01:32 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Samsung did not really say or elaborate anything on the Galaxy S10e and chose to just place it next to the big siblings in the presentation.

    01:31 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The colour variants include the Pearl Black, Pearl White, Canary Yellow among others.

    01:29 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10E have been officially launched.

    01:28 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    Galaxy S10/S10+ features Wi-Fi 6 for the first time on a phone that will alleviate the complex network of wireless bands and offer better speeds.

    01:27 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The smartphones have Intelligent Wi-Fi network that will automatically switch between LTE networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots.

    01:27 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy S10 can read the pattern of app usage and help to conserve the battery on the device, which is significantly better than the Galaxy S9. In fact, the Galaxy S10/S10+ can double as wireless charging pad that will let you charge other devices right from the rear surface.

    The battery can charge from 0 to 100 with 36 per cent performance.

    01:25 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy S10/S10+ to come with adaptive performance feature under the Unity feature.

    01:24 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ offer up to 10GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, which is "laptop-level" storage. The smartphones are powered by a 29 percent faster CPU than the Galaxy S9.

    01:21 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy camera SDK will be open to developers. Moreover, the apps such as Snapchat and Line can harness the Galaxy S10/S10+ camera prowess.

    01:20 (IST)21 Feb 2019
    01:19 (IST)21 Feb 2019

    The Galaxy S10/S10+ cameras will have a new Instagram mode to allow you to use the filters and stickers available on the latter's platform directly.

    Samsung will finally be up for the showdown with four smartphones up its sleeves. The worst-kept secret of Samsung in the form of Galaxy S10 phones will get an official stamp along with the pricing and availability details. The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones will enter Indian shores in March after their availability in the US and European markets is outed.
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