Rajinikanth’s 2.0 in real life: Can birds go extinct with ever-increasing mobile phone radiation?

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New Delhi | Published: December 21, 2018 10:40:16 AM

Sparrows are not in the danger of extinction, says Dilawar

Cell tower radiation is bad for birds, as we saw in the movie 2.0

Those who have watched Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starrer 2.0, the sequel to Robot, might be worried about the existence of the birds in today’s environment as the movie takes up the issue of bird plight caused by phone tower radiation. Mohammed Dilawar, the ornithologist known as India’s sparrow man, claims that the scenario might actually not be far-fetched and is very much present. Dilawar was a part of a committee constituted by the Ministry of Forest and Environment that undertook research on the effects of tower radiations on the birds, bees and wildlife in India, 10 years ago. There have been many pieces of research on the same in abroad as well, Rediff reported.

While the decline of sparrows in cities is not caused merely by the cellular towers, they are very much a culprit. There are other reasons as well because of which Dilawar says thorough research is mandatory. Dilwar told Rediff.com that he does not conclude his observations just there as there are different variables that affect bird population like altering landscapes. However, electromagnetic radiation or EMR is a kind of pollution that is invisible, is very much a part of our environment just like smog in Delhi and it may have an adverse impact on the health of birds.

Basing his observations on Ruiz-Martinez’s research in Spain, the veteran also claimed that bird population is inversely proportional to the human population. Humans are indeed a menace to the mother nature, notes the report. Tower radiation is quite similar to the radiation of a microwave oven, at least for the bird eggs that might get deformed in the presence of excess radiations. The problem is, nobody has done thorough research on the permissible limit of the EMR radiation. Since EMR is an invisible pollutant, serious thought about its menace has never been given.

While the Supreme Court has passed judgment in favour of telecom companies to install multiple towers in a close area, Dilawar says, “I will not comment on the case since it is sub judice. But I’d like to thank Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar for raising the birds’ issue in 2.0. It is a wonderful sign. This has brought a once forgotten pollutant back in the limelight. If you see, on every cell phone tower they install warning signals that harmful radiation is emitting. It is by law.”

As for now, sparrows are not in the danger of extinction, says Dilawar. ” Fortunately, we have good numbers of sparrows in the rural landscape and certain urban patches.”, Dilawar expressed. The telephone tower association claims that the radiations are in permissible limits. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as being extra cautious as far as environment safety is concerned.

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