PCs to drive the next industrial revolution

PCs are now twisting, detaching and converting to give customers multi-usage modes and convenience, forming the backbone of the next biggest revolution in the technology industry

The world of computers is indubitably ever-evolving.

When Charles Babbage came up with the idea of the computer, little did he know that it would lead to a massive revolution affecting the life of every human on the planet. In the nineteenth century, a computer was merely a ponderous machine that required an entire room to fit in. Whereas in the modern world, we fit far more technologically advanced and evolved devices in our palms. The world of computers is indubitably ever-evolving.

The second coming

I truly believe that this is the second coming of the PC industry. For any mature market, there comes a tipping point where it has to either reinvent itself or find a new market and usage case. The PC industry went through a bit of both. It has moved away from being supply centric to usage led. PCs are now twisting, detaching and converting to give the customers multi-usage modes and convenience. It is forming the backbone of the next biggest revolution in the technology industry. IoT, VR, gaming, AI and automation will disrupt the market and PC will be an integral component of the entire ecosystem.

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Gaming and VR

PC gaming is a very compelling brand of entertainment and profession. With the current pace of technological innovation, there’s a huge potential for this industry. As the gaming industry grows, virtual reality will become an accessible gadget for the massive number of users and enhance the overall usage of a PC.


Considering IoT solutions that came up in 2016 at a global level, we anticipate that IoT has a lot of potential to accelerate the PC market in the coming years. With 2016 being a foundational year for IoT, we see lot of scope in 2017 where a PC will play a vital role in the connected device space. Possibly the key indicator of growth is the number of connected devices. As per research conducted by IHS, the IoT industry is expected to grow 30% in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, being one of the scorching topics for the future, will develop further this year. In our real-life experiences, we are becoming familiar with computers and other devices asking us questions, qualifying us via complicated phone menus, or helping us to find quick facts with the aid of assistants such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana. They use machine-learning technology to get smarter and better able to predict and understand our natural-language questions and requests. These technologies, including bots, are becoming more relevant on a PC and developers are putting a lot of effort to bring in AI to the PC. This will make our interaction with a PC more engaging and multi-level.

Explosion of content creators

The age of consumption has been taken over by creators. As consumption increased manifold, there came a great need for content creators. We are now seeing an explosion of people creating content and even making a living out of doing it. Bloggers, Vloggers, developers, editors, artists, etc., need the power of the computer to create good content.

Digital India

As the Indian government pushes for a digital India, computers and smartphones will form the backbone of this revolution. It is important that companies reach out to smaller towns and rural areas to ensure a digital India. This will not only revolutionise the way we do business in the country but also stabilise the PC market.

What is the future of PCs?

The future of computing will lead to convergence rather than divergence. Even in the current form, PCs still offer unbeatable features including display, processing power, productivity, scalability, storage, availability and accessibility. Added to this is the whole new level of innovation we are witnessing in the PC and technology space. We are currently witnessing the fourth industrial revolution through digital disruption and we cannot deny the fact that PC will be the centre of gravity along with IOT, VR, AI, Machine Learning and ultimately an empowered digital India.

Chandrahas Panigrahi
The writer is CMO and consumer business head, Acer India

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