‘TikTok could become Microsoft’s deal of the decade’

The idea that TikTok — without the U.K., India or dozens of other emerging markets — is worth $50 billion today is fanciful. ByteDance’s leadership can be sure that Nadella knows it, too.

The onus is on Nadella to get it done, and quickly.

TikTok owners will relocate to London from Beijing, says media report

Microsoft Corp said on Sunday that it would continue discussions to acquire popular short-video app TikTok from Chinese internet giant ByteDance.

The move was likely to upset U.S. President Donald Trump.

Samsung crafts India comeback as anti-China wave surges

The cheapest iPhone in India costs around 31,500 rupees, while the cheapest Xiaomi phone costs around 7,500 rupees.

Samsung jumped to the No. 2 spot with 26% market share in the second quarter.

Donald Trump to give TikTok’s Chinese owner 45 days to agree sale, say sources

As relations between the United States and China deteriorate over trade, Hong Kong's autonomy, cyber security and the spread of the novel coronavirus, TikTok has emerged as a flashpoint in the dispute

About 70% of the outside capital ByteDance has raised has come from the United States.

TikTok owner ByteDance accuses Facebook of ‘plagiarism and smears’

U.S. President Donald Trump has agreed to give China's ByteDance 45 days to negotiate a sale of popular short-video app TikTok to Microsoft Corp.

TikTok has attracted criticism from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Explained: What is natural language processing GPT-3, and how it works

GPT-3 is like any artificial intelligence programme, just with a more extensive database.

While GPT-3 has a better AI, no doubt, what differentiates it, is the vast database and high-level processing.

Quantum leap? US plans for unhackable internet may not fructify within a decade, but India is far behind

While the government announced a plan to invest Rs 8,000 crore over the next five years in the National Mission on quantum technology in the Budget, no disbursement has been made till now.

The success, in this case, is dependent on a property of quantum particles called entanglement.

Microsoft confirms talks seeking to buy US arm of TikTok

Trump has also tried to steer allies away from Huawei over concerns that the Chinese government has access to its data, which Huawei denies.

TikTok's US user data is stored in the US, with strict controls on employee access.

There is immense demand for new talent in AI, ML, IoT: Dipesh Shah, MD, Samsung R&D Institute

Each engineering college can have multiple teams, and students are selected based on a test conducted by SRI-B.

Samsung PRISM is operating fully online currently.

REMEDO: The platform helps doctors better manage patients with chronic diseases

The platform helps doctors better manage patients with chronic diseases and improves patient outcomes by guiding them through their care journey

On the technology front, Remedo is innovating in-house with its own tech teams.

SHIPSY: Tracking cargo movement from the first to the last mile

The B2B digital logistics platform claims to process over 10% of India’s total containerised export and import volume.

Cybersecurity: Navigating cyber challenges in the ‘new normal’ times

It is important to take steps to limit the impact malware would cause, and speed up effective response.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro (Gold): Say goodbye to dust in your home

A light and easy-to-use cord-free vacuum cleaner that efficiently removes dust and keeps your home allergen-free.

Snokor iRocker earbuds: Perfect for outdoor activities

Infinix’s first wireless earbuds offer top-notch sound, great battery life and a slip-proof snug fit.

TikTok case: Donald Trump to act on Chinese software companies in coming days, says Mike Pompeo

"President Trump has said 'enough' and we're going to fix it and so he will take action in the coming days with respect to a broad array of national security risks that are presented by software con

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Microsoft in advanced talks to buy TikTok’s US business

The potential deal would be a victory for both companies, making Microsoft Corp. a major player in the social media arena and providing relief to TikTok and its parent company, Bytedance Ltd, a target

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Indian players are rising to the occasion offering users familiarity of homegrown social networks

As concerns grow around big social media sites, Indian players are rising to the occasion offering users the familiarity of homegrown social networks

This growing threat is now leading many to homegrown social media apps.

17-year-old US teen charged as mastermind of recent Twitter hack

StopSIMCrime founder Robert Ross, whose group tries to combat a popular hacking technique, said the case showed the prowess of adolescent amateurs at defeating corporate security.

Twitter said it appreciated the "swift actions of law enforcement."

Report says Microsoft in talks to acquire TikTok’s US ops, Trump considers ‘banning’ app

Media reports also said the Trump administration will soon order ByteDance to divest of its ownership of TikTok's US operations.

China-based Bytedance is the parent company of TikTok.

Data consumption on OTTs surges 947% in March-July

Frankfurt internet exchange is the world’s leading interconnection platform, managing over 9 terabits per second (Tbs) peak traffic. In India, it operates exchanges in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Kol

Ericsson’s mobility report (June 2020) projects average traffic per smartphone to hit 25 GB a month by 2025 with additional 410 million smartphone users expected to be added during the same time.

Facebook brings ‘official music videos’ to India

Users in India will be able to watch content from the country's top music labels T-Series Music, Zee Music Company, and Yash Raj Films.

‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ logo design contest to be conducted by MyGov

'AatmaNirbhar Bharat Logo Design Contest' will be conducted by MyGov to encourage the spirit of innovation and self-reliance, the statement said.

Premium smartphone sales in India drop 32% in June 2020 quarter: Report

New launches like the OnePlus 8 series 5G in premium segment and re-entry of Apple in affordable premium segment kept the momentum alive in the market.

After ‘why this ad’, Google to introduce ‘about this ad’ to improve user privacy in digital advertising

Google said due to the complexity of the digital ads ecosystem and the large number of entities involved, it's typically not clear to users which companies are even involved in showing them an ad.

Apple confirms iPhone 12 launch is delayed; here’s why

Apple has shown signs of shrugging off the coronavirus crisis and the subsequent slump in the global economy.

Lethal Android malware BlackRock may steal banking, sensitive data from phones: CERT-In

To avoid the trap of the malware, the agency has advised users to not download any unknown updates from fishy and shady sources.

The advisory issued by the agency said that the malware dubbed BlackRock which has data stealing capabilities, has been reported to be attacking a wide range of Android phone applications.
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