OnePlus alert slider to become exclusive to select pro models, Oppo flagships: Report

It was expected that the upcoming OnePlus 10/OnePlus 10T would have one.

OnePlus 10 Pro alert slider
OnePlus 10 Pro alert slider

The alert slider, once part and parcel of every OnePlus phone, is apparently set to become somewhat of a rare feature exclusive to its “pro” models like the OnePlus 10 Pro (review). We’ve all seen this coming, with most—if not all—Nord OnePlus phones dropping support and the recently launched OnePlus 10R, too, not making the cut. The Nord 2T—which is expected to soon launch in India — could be the last non-Pro OnePlus phone to have an alert slider. It was expected that the upcoming OnePlus 10/OnePlus 10T would have one, but speculation is now rife that it won’t.

Noted tipster Yogesh Brar (@heyitsyogesh) says the “Nord 2T was the last phone to carry an alert slider” and that “now it will be mostly seen on Pro models”. What’s new is that the alert slider won’t remain an exclusive to OnePlus phones. Some Oppo flagships may get it, down the line, too which is to say, it would be the end of an era. The alert slider, as we said earlier, was once signature to all OnePlus phones and sort of iconic on the Android side, at least. To be clear, OnePlus is now officially a sub-brand of Oppo so we can’t say, it’s entirely surprising. But what remains to be seen is how OnePlus plans to differentiate its phones if and when this happens, so fingers crossed there.

For those unaware, the alert slider on OnePlus phones lets you quickly toggle between silent/mute and ringing profiles without heading over to the phone’s settings. iPhones have had this feature for years, but no other Android phone offers a similar feature to this day, but OnePlus. It, along with OxygenOS, has long been a staple for OnePlus phones, something that fans and enthusiasts have revered and appreciated. It would be interesting to see how things pan out in the days to come.   

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