Honeywell Air Touch i9: Find out whether this air purifier will able to handle Delhi’s air pollution

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Published: December 24, 2018 3:54:40 AM

Find out if this air purifier is able to handle Delhi’s air pollution, or is simply another air blower.

Honeywell Air Touch i9, Honeywell smarphone, Honeywell Air Touch i9 price in india, Honeywell Air Touch i9 specsThe air purifier displays the AQI level on the LED screen itself, with the blue light indicating clean, orange/yellow indicating a problem and red means you start praying.

Delhi’s sky may have a gorgeous tinge of blue in the mornings, but do not let that blue and gold hue fool you. The air quality index (AQI) in Delhi and other parts of north India continues to remain in the poor/very unhealthy category. Yes, we should be thankful that it is not hazardous on most days, but an AQI where PM2.5 remains over 300 is still worrying. This also explains why air purifier companies are continuing to launch various products in the market. Honeywell’s Air Touch i9 is one of the new offerings from the brand, which comes with what the company calls a ‘smart eye technology’ to automatically sense the level of indoor air pollution and adjust settings accordingly.

I used the Honeywell Air Touch i9 extensively in my bedroom for a fortnight. There are several positives about the Honeywell Air Touch i9. One is that it comes with the standard HEPA filter like others in the market, which are the only ones that can filter out PM2.5 particles. Honeywell also claims this one has a pre-filter, which removes dust, PM10 particles, and pollen. Given the conditions in Delhi, it is good to have an air purifier inside your bedroom with this kind of filtration. I like this smart eye technology given that the air purifier automatically adjusts the intensity based on the air pollution levels. This is particularly useful when one is sleeping at night. I did not have to keep tweaking the fan volume to high or medium or low, and could just rely on this.

I was initially afraid—the word smart indicated that this would mean connecting the air purifier to my Wi-Fi. Thankfully, none of that is required. The air purifier displays the AQI level on the LED screen itself, with the blue light indicating clean, orange/yellow indicating a problem and red means you start praying. Just kidding! Red means its really, really bad. But the built-in sensor is a useful feature, though you will just have to take Honeywell’s word for the accuracy of these numbers. The LED panel also comes with an option to switch off all lights, which is useful when one is trying to sleep at night. However, the air purifier is really loud, when it is at the maximum mode, which can be disturbing at night, especially when the smart eye mode is on.

Since the mode automatically changes the intensity, I did find myself waking up in the middle of the night, because the fan was suddenly at its highest levels. But this also means the technology is doing what it claims, and does identify when the air quality starts falling in the room. The air purifier is fairly efficient and did a quick job of bringing the numbers down from, say, a level of 300 to under 70 in just under an hour, in my bedroom. Of course, how much of an impact this makes is really impossible to tell.

However, if you have asthma or a history of asthma in your family ( I do in mine), get an air purifier. It does ease the breathing, especially when sleeping at night as I have experienced. The only major issue with this air purifier would be the loud sound in my opinion. Also, the price is right up there at Rs 22,990, which is on the higher side, when there are other devices with a standard HEPA filter retailing for under Rs 10,000 in the market. Get this if you want an air purifier that is hassle-free, where setting up does not require any extra effort and you not mind paying that bit extra.

Estimated street price: Rs 22,990

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