1. From Google Inbox to BlackBerry Hub, here are the best email clients that you can update to

From Google Inbox to BlackBerry Hub, here are the best email clients that you can update to

Email clients are moving up from notification centres to incorporating much more

By: | Updated: July 24, 2017 3:02 AM
Email clients are moving up from notification centres to incorporating much more. (Reuters)

What can you expect from your mail service besides delivery and notification? Apparently, much more. Most people use the email service that comes preloaded on their devices, without experimenting much with other servers. Although that is prudent—pre-loaded serve their purpose of giving you notifications and providing you basic read, reply and forward capabilities—emails are evolving from pieces of messages. Your email clients are getting smarter, even if your service providers aren’t. One can now snooze emails, search and stack them and organise inboxes in a better manner. More important, for those who are looking for added functionality and multiple mailboxes to sync in one, there are an array of services available on apps that are far better than the preloaded that come with your device. Ishaan Gera takes stock of some of the best email clients that you can upgrade to without much hassle. Comparing them would be problematic, as each comes with their own functionality, you can choose based on your needs.

Inbox (Google)
Most Android phones come with pre-loaded Gmail app. Not to say the app is perfect, but it gets irritating managing different accounts on it. Search options are limited and there is not much one can do besides reading mail and replying. But Google has another email client, which is little known and can work wonders with your mailbox. Inbox, a new app launched by the search giant, is as easy as Gmail, especially for Gmail users, and the mailbox provides you snooze capabilities. You can set reminders using the mail, and deleting a stack of emails is not a pain.

Although the algorithm is not perfect, and you would often end up finding some of your important emails in other inboxes, you can always direct Google to move them to the focused inbox. The mailbox will not look as cluttered, and Google can throw up emails based on location. But it is not easy to use and it takes a lot of time directing the service about what is important or not. Besides deleting an email is still a pain as there are no swipe options. Surprisingly, Inbox doesn’t take over Gmail functionality, so you will end up getting mail on both.

Microsoft Outlook
There hasn’t been a better email client for desktop users than Microsoft’s offering and the company has been able to replicate some of that magic in its mobile offering as well. The app is uncluttered and is one of the easiest ones to configure. All Microsoft requires is you to enter your email and password and voila. The app has snooze functionality like Google and a much easier UI. Although it is not as innovative as Google, particularly in location based snoozing, the calendar, contacts and mail switching is easier on the platform.

All you need to do is tap on the bottom of the screen and you can access different modes. Google did offer calendar notification on the top, Microsoft has a much easier notification panel to work around with. Deleting emails is again a problem. Although stacking is better than Google, it’s not as good as other offerings. The best part, however, is the track feature built within the app. So, the company recognises which emails are orders and has a track package feature, which gives you a button right on the view to make it easier to track them without opening the mail. Microsoft, however, loses out on a good-looking app. As people spend more time looking at their mail client, the look can be a real turn-off.

BlackBerry Hub
The king of email clients a few years ago, BlackBerry Hub may not be what it once was, but it can offer features that no other email service can, once you can get around to downloading a thousand apps that it comes with. The biggest pain is downloading the launcher, and then one app after the other.

Configuration is as easy as Microsoft, the app does not require you to tap your phone time and again and it configures all accounts without a problem. The best feature is that BlackBerry Hub allows integration of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails and what not. So, if you have one single platform—there are many apps built into it—you do not need to go anywhere else. The user interface is easy and even deleting is fun, but the app takes a major chunk of your battery life. If you really wish to unclutter your life, not toggling between calendar, WhatsApp, Facebook and Email, Blackberry is the app for you. But be aware it crashes and takes up a lot of phone space.

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