From Facebook ventures, YouTube music to Gucci memes, here are top 5 in-the-news ads

Published: April 4, 2017 7:33:57 AM

Mobile publishers have been able to tap demand from Facebook Audience Network. The system will allow them to take bids from multiple buyer pools all at once.

Trending ads, facebook, you tube, digital media, music, TV ad spends in UK, Gucci memesMobile publishers have been able to tap demand from Facebook Audience Network. The system will allow them to take bids from multiple buyer pools all at once.

Social media leader Facebook has confirmed the integration of header bidding on its platform. Header bidding, which allows mobile web publishers to collect bids and then select the highest offer, and improve upon the original programmatic auctions, has been lauded by publishers. Facebook’s initial partners include Amazon Publisher Services, AppNexus, Index Exchange,, Sonobi and Sortable. These mobile publishers have been able to tap demand from Facebook Audience Network. The system will allow them to take bids from multiple buyer pools all at once.

Due to advance bidding technology, publishers can make more money and earn up to 10-30% more revenues, when compared to programmatic advertising. With this, the cost to buy ads on the mobile web are set to go up as simultaneous bidding grows as all demand sources get the same information at the same time. This, however, experts suggest, will force mobile web prices to go up.

Facebook has been testing this platform since August 2016 to counter Google’s ad platforms. Google’s Doubleclick has already adopted header bidding. A BI Intelligence report on header bidding says that nearly 70% of publishers now use header bidding technology. It further states that the technology offers many benefits for publishers and advertisers. “For publishers, header bidding offers a means to optimise yield, cut down on passbacks, increase transparency of inventory value, and eliminate Google’s favouritism for its own ad exchange, AdX. On the buy side, advertisers are given the opportunity to bid on all available inventory and not just remnant inventory like in a waterfall system,” says the report. Facebook says that its tests with publishers such as the Washington Post, Daily Mail and Forbes have shown header bidding through its Audience Network can increase revenue by 10-30%.

YouTube faces the music
Amidst growing concern over objectionable content on digital platforms, brands are taking all possible steps to guard themselves from appearing next to such content on YouTube and other Google-partnered websites. Havas Group UK recently decided on its clients’ behalf to pull out all of their advertising monies from YouTube and Google. The statement issued by the company said, “Havas Group UK has taken the decision on behalf of its UK clients, which include O2, Royal Mail, BBC, Domino’s and Hyundai Kia, to pause all YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN) investment until further notice.”

The objectionable content includes videos promoting extremist content and terrorist organisations such as ISIS on Google-partnered websites near the content from brands. AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Verizon have also announced that they would refrain from buying both video and text ads. McDonald’s, Walmart, Audi and Toyota are also pulling their ads from Google properties. In a blog post, Philipp Schindler, chief business officer of Google, assured increased brand safety levels and controls for advertisers. He wrote, “We know advertisers don’t want their ads next to content that doesn’t align with their values. So starting today, we are taking a tougher stance on hateful, offensive and derogatory content…We’ll offer advertisers and agencies more transparency and visibility on where their ads are running, and in the coming months we will expand availability of video-level reporting to all advertisers.”

1800 Tequila’s new video wins Hands down
Building further on 1800’s strong relationship with the hip-hop community, the new ad from the brand called Hands establishes the tequila as the drink of choice for modern boundary-pushers. The film, which is garnering steam online, features a man who practices in a boxing ring during the day and plays piano in the nights at a jazz establishment.  The high-energy soundtrack Tap Dance from Octave Minds features Chance the Rapper who has given two verses to Hands. The new positioning, which goes with the tagline Just Refined Enough, tries to break through much abused liquor stereotypes and aims “to spark a new conversation about the multi-dimensional nature of modern masculinity”, according to the brand.  Created by CP+BLA, our protagonist in the ad — one-part pianist, one-part boxer — is shown approaching both tasks with  equal enthusiasm.

Over the years, through partnerships with Billboard, 1800 has worked with various notable hip-hop artists including Rae Sremmurd, Travis Scott, Wale, Mike WiLL Made-It, etc. The aim of the brand has been to trace an artists’ roots and shed light on urban lifestyles. The latest viral by 1800 Tequila definitely hits the right notes with its protagonist and soundtrack matching up to the brand’s philosophy.

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TV ad spends to drop in the UK
According to Zenith, the Publicis Groupe media agency, television ad spends in the UK are set to fall by 2% to £3.93 billion this year. If it does, it will be for the first time since 2012. The Advertising Expenditure Forecast further says that London currently is the fourth biggest city globally, following New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles, for ad spends. It contributed £5.2 billion in 2017. The forecast also says that 2017 will see internet advertising attracting more monies than traditional TV advertising and newspaper advertising will be overshadowed by social media advertising. The report said that TV spends in the UK will shrink in the first quarter of 2017, due to decline in retail spends by 15% and drop in FMCG advertising by 12%.

For 2017, the forecast predicts, global internet advertising expenditure will grow 13% to reach $205 billion. Internet advertising will attract 36.9% of all advertising expenditure, up from 34% in 2016, totalling $192 billion. “Internet advertising has contributed all of the growth in global ad spend since the beginning of the decade, and has stimulated much of the innovation we have seen in the market,” said Vittorio Bonori, Zenith’s global brand president. “Innovation is proceeding as fast as ever, and we believe that this is what will continue to drive brand growth for advertisers.”

Gucci’s memes for digital world
Gucci recently owned the meme landscape in the virtual world with #TFWGucci to launch its new watch collection, Le Marché des Merveilles. The brand commissioned international artists to develop original imagery which were then given to famous viral creators on Twitter and Instagram to turn into new memes for its timepieces. The results, which became a collection of the brand’s captioned art, were met with awe and criticism in equal measure.

“Adapted from a popular meme, That Feeling When Gucci is about the moment of putting on one of the watches, when the world suddenly becomes different and time slows down a little bit,” announced the brand on its microsite.
One of the most viral memes to garner over 80,000 likes, it was inspired by the Arthur meme.

— Compiled by Ananya Saha

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