Epson Home Cinema Projector EH-TW5300: Simple to use

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Published: July 7, 2016 6:04:24 AM

EH-TW5300 has excellent image quality, is simple to use and comes with all the features you need

EH-TW5300 has excellent image quality, is simple to use and comes with all the features you needEH-TW5300 has excellent image quality, is simple to use and comes with all the features you need

Projectors have been evolving into really good, stable devices over the past few years. So when I got the Epson Home Cinema Projector EH-TW5300 for review, I wanted to try something new. I have been off live television for a couple of years now and was wondering if my primary source of video content, YouTube, could become a primary source for a projector. Simple, you might say as it’s quite easy to play YouTube videos on PC and project it. But can this be done independently of a computer? And this is the question I tried to solve.

The Epson Home Cinema

Projector EH-TW5300 is a compact projector which is also quite quiet, a big factor for me. The TW5300 comes with a remote and a set of 3D glasses. There is an easily adjustable stand and you will not have to turn to books and other stuff to adjust the height. There are adjustments for a clarity and size of the picture as well as keystore. The TW5300 can connect to two HDMI sources and has one USB port for a pen drive if you need to play files.

The Chromecast rig

We all know that projectors these days are good enough to replace televisions and play from any source thrown at it. I did not have any doubts about the capabilities of the TW5300, but wanted to check if it was possible to play from a Chromecast.

So I rigged in a old Chromecast that had been lying around and powered it up using the lone USB port. I was not very hopeful, but soon the Chromecast set up screen was being beamed on my bedroom wall. A couple of minutes in setting up the Wi-Fi and we have YouTube on show. Yes, the Chromecast can be a source for projection and given the fact that someone like me watches only YouTube and Netflix, I don’t need another source for this device.

What is good?

The image quality of the TW5300 is really great. I started with a 70-inch image on the bedroom wall and picture quality was really Full HD and sharp from corner to corner. With a lot of the projectors the images are a bit dull around the edges, but this one had no such issues. Given that my house is not all that big, I had to reduce the image size to around 60 inches.

With most projectors it is a pain getting the image to be straight. There is a keystone adjustment, but that always leaves a skew. However, the TW5300 has one of the best keystone adjustments I have used. My bedroom has just some space left after the double bed and those are obviously on the sides. So I had to perch the projector on top of a shelf in a corner beaming on the middle of the wall. That means a skewed image, but the keystone adjust made it straight in seconds.

This is one of the brightest home projectors I have used. I mean bright because it gave me a really sharp picture during a bright sunny June day in Delhi and that too on an off-white wall. The unit comes with one set of 3D RF glasses for you to enjoy the three-dimensional capabilities of this projector.

What is not that good?

The TW5300 expels quite a bit of heat from the front. So you have to be careful where you place it. There is just one 3D Glass in the box. The TW5300 has one of the better speakers in a home projector.

Should you buy?

Yes, if you are looking for a projector for your home, this is among the best bets out there at the moment. It has excellent picture quality, is simple to use and comes with all the features you need. The 3D is just an added feature given that you are unlikely to watch a full three-hour feature in three dimension, but even that works well on this device.

* Estimated street price: Rs 76, 279, plus Rs 6,399 for each pair of 3D glasses

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