Disruption hub: 9 startups at Hyderabad-based startup incubator T-Hub debut niche solutions to combat COVID-19

Bluesemi has built a smart contactless and wireless thermal sensor and imager that measures the temperature of individuals and even heat maps crowds.

Hyderabad-based T-Hub, a startup incubator that powers next-generation products with new business models, is encouraging startups to leverage disruptive technologies to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. Nine of its startups have come up with breakthrough solutions to combat or curb the spread of Covid-19. “It is inspiring to identify and support entrepreneurs who are exploring possible solutions/innovations for the current global crisis. We expect to see more such innovations that will deploy technologies, such as machine learning and AR/VR to lend technological support during a large-scale health crisis,” says Ravi Narayan, CEO, T-Hub.

Here’s a quick look at the nine startups and their unique solutions:

Bluesemi has built a smart contactless and wireless thermal sensor and imager that measures the temperature of individuals and even heat maps crowds, relaying the data to any Bluetooth/wireless device, ideally on a mobile app. Sunil Maddikatla, founder & CEO, Bluesemi, says the device called ‘Neem’ can be integrated into any healthcare platform or AI-based crowd detection platform. The device can also help the government to study the state of health of the population, and, specifically, of the people who are prone to spreading the virus or are affected most by it. Also, the technology requires no interaction on the patient’s/attendant’s part after the initial set-up.

Byteforce has developed an AI-based computer vision solution called Safevision that can be integrated into any existing CCTV or drone camera to monitor people in public places, such as shopping malls, hospitals, bus stations and railway stations. The product will monitor the people via real-time alerts and see if they are wearing masks or if there are any health risks. Using thermal cameras, Safevision can find and send an alert in case of high fever to monitor Covid-19 symptoms. Also, it will provide complete analytics of the situation in the vicinity in real-time. “We have built safe vision to monitor social distancing, body temperature and other government mandates to ensure a safe workplace and society,’’ says Rambabu Bonkuri, co-founder & CTO, Byteforce. has developed an AI-based drone monitoring solution to support the police and urban local bodies in their work. At a time, 30 to 50 drones can be deployed by the startup at any given location. The drones send an accurate image back to the ground station that can help the police take stock of the situation. has deployed drone technology for surveillance of hotspots, hospitals, unsecured locations and public places by drones and spraying of disinfectants by drones.

Cogni.Care is combining state-of-the-art Deep AI with medical records and symptomatic data and sensor-collected data to build a composite picture of the user’s health status and provide analytics of the same. It has built the first portable IR thermal sensor with AI algorithms to predict Covid-19 patients in real-time. It also monitors via AI any recurrence of the virus once the patients are cured. It has also developed two types of ventilators, which operate in a completely autonomous manner and require no external oxygen cylinder or machine.

Dimension NXG is developing large-scale thermal scanning glasses. These glasses instantly identify individuals showing symptoms of Covid-19 from a distance of 3-5 metres. These glasses will enable the Indian police, security agencies, doctors and epidemic control units to screen potential Covid-19 carriers in any indoor or outdoor environment. The user wearing the glasses will see the real world, with an augmented overlay of real-time thermal imaging/individual temperatures ofeach person in a group of people in front of him.

Again, startup MasterPCB helps to identify Covid-19 suspects via sensors and monitors, protecting infected people by offering critical care ventilator equipment, says Suresh Kondepati, CEO,

Marut provides end-to-end drone solutions. It has deployed drone technology for spraying of disinfectant through drones for the sanitisation of large areas. These drones can carry up to 10 litres of disinfectant and cover about 20 kilometres. Marut drones have disinfected a 1900 km radius area with 9800 litres of chemical in eight districts of Telangana besides conducting real-time drone surveillance.

Exprs has launched a #ShieldMyCommunity campaign for ga ed communities. The startup provides selected, dedicated on-campus delivery executives for gated communities. The second service launched by the startup is Exprs Essentials, an intra-city delivery service of essentials. Those with emergency and essential requirements choose the pickup and delivery points within the city, and the service fulfils the orders.

Tericsoft has launched an AI-based computer vision device for detecting persons who are coughing, tracking the number of people moving in and out of designated premises and monitoring individuals’ body temperature in a crowd.

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