Digital HR Trends Shaping Organizations Of Tomorrow

Updated: August 8, 2018 3:59:45 PM

HR has moved from the conventional topics of performance management, employee motivation, training, compensation, safety, wellness to becoming real time and insights enabled.

AI created a direction and applications in AI through Machine Learning are revolutionizing some of the most pressing areas in HR today.

By Prasad Rajappan, CEO & Founder, Zing 

HR has moved from the conventional topics of performance management, employee motivation, training, compensation, safety, wellness to becoming real time and insights enabled. In the last few years, the field of digital HR is being re-invented every day.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In HR

AI created a direction and applications in AI through Machine Learning are revolutionizing some of the most pressing areas in HR today. The first big area that is deriving benefits through the ecosystem of technology partners is in increasing the success ratio of the recruitment profiles into organizations. The impact is that lesser investment of time and effort is required to hire the right fitment based profiles with a high probability. There are many associated challenges that come along ; they are however being addressed with greater usage by organizations leading to greater data generation – a pre-requisite for a successful deployment of any ML based tool in an organization. The future of these tools is transformative and in the very near future we do see these products dramatically increasing the success ratio of candidates in their jobs at work and outside work as well coming into the ML ambit. Work is happening at a frenetic pace in this space .

Video Interviews

If the world has gone digital and videos dominate most of our experiences that we consume through videos , video interviews in a self service mode but under predefined test conditions could ‘almost’ replicate the actual interview process – albeit in chunkets for quick consumption by the interviewers in corporates who are perennially short of time. Add to the fact that they are tagged pieces of data that can be subsequently retrieved from your archives and are a re-usable asset in the organization. Video Interviews are beginning to eliminate the need to do formal space and time blocking for these processes in organizations without any loss of context and body language check of the candidates which are now video taped. Great use cases and can help you to create not just great profiles that you want in the future of the ‘ideal’ candidates. With an integrated big data platform of human capital management , they are a critical link for even AI, ML engines to correlate them to success at the workplace subsequent to them being hired.

On-boarding on Mobile

Why as an employer would I want the potential employee’s time be wasted before joining us? I would use that time to engage, understand and even make the onboarding processes go completely digital. No more data entry jobs to be done by teams when they join. Branding communication and achieving high engagement is a key benefit area helping the new recruits to get a real flavour of what is means to be part of the great organization that we are – an invigorating experience. Digital onboarding is the first Digital Moment of Truth with your organization brand. This is becoming a key differentiator for companies in ‘Great Places To Work’ to adopt for that unique experience for the new joinees. And what better – HR teams have all the data available to them electronically which they now verify. Organizations are statistically rich with all new employee data now.

HR Insights & Analytics

Is available only when yor organization is data fed and data rich to able to run analytics for the business to derive Insights for decision making. Employee performance management can be now a wonderful subject to engage with simply because of the richness of data , analytics and insights now part of a decision making culture. It will only aid Employee engagement which directly impacts business performance today. Tools today offer these – however unless the organization has one Unified platform across the ecosystem – it is difficult to reach that stage. If you do – economic value added can be multiplied.


Employees today are engaged with digital retail tools like Whatsapp , Facebook among others in the social space. Bots are transmuting that conversational engaging experience into the workspace with equal elan. Bots are playing the role of automating frequently happening conversations or events into interactional content and engaging audiences . At the superficial level, bots can do a quick job ; if you go deeper the bots that are deeply integrated and driven by AI and ML engines do a phenomenal job of even contextualizing conversations with profiles based on their ability to contextualize responses appropriately after multiple uses by the same profile. The end result is Impactful communication. With the capability of even multi-lingual dimensions added to bots , these ‘electronic’ beings now do a good job of meeting the knowledge, process and computing needs of these ‘employee customers’ in a natural language format . What more can you ask for today ? It is a 24×7 service.

Integrated digital platform

It is a unified world now. Any action taken in any part of the unified process platform in any of the departments need not be repeated in any way . The data flows seamlessly. Apps, Databases, Web, Physical Devices like Biometric Devises, Recognition systems , SMS Engines are all acting in unison.

Collaborative tools

Technology is compressing the needs and all of them are being met inside unified systems. Modern Cloud Digital Platforms have now become completely capable of meeting Social, Messaging, Knowledge Transfer, WebCasting , Task Management and other needs integrated all into the Cloud Digital Mobile Platforms . Collaboration can be quickly done across devises, apps and media. It is a question of ‘configuring’ the sets of experiences and processes departments, teams, business units want inside one single global unified platform.

Digital/Mobile enabled learning

If real time learning with feedbacking leading to impact in business performance could be shown, it would deliver the biggest solution that teams have always battled to find – finding the business Return on Investment of Training , Learning and Skill Building Interventions. There are quick ways to achieve them in parts or in ways that meet the organizational interventions that are designed part of an annual competency build , upgrade and development plan. Digital learning can now be administered across media and platforms using not just a few tools inside the engine , but by also using collaborative Platforms and the other tools discussed above. It requires clarity of the customer organizations now to know what they seek to impact without worrying about how to make that happen since the Digital Cloud Platforms have those solutions now and newer solutions keep getting added by the day.

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