Artificial Intelligence jobs: Are you ready for new opportunities as the old ones set to vanish

Are you ready for jobs like data analysts, man-machine coordinators, IT?

Artificial Intelligence jobs: Are you ready for new opportunities as the old ones set to vanish
Are you ready for jobs like data analysts, man-machine coordinators, IT?

by Abhishek Agarwal

Since time immemorial, whenever technological revolutions have entered the working landscape, people blame the disruptions for bringing on the crisis. But, in reality, new technologies come with the potential to hone much of what we know about the way people work. It has been the case throughout, starting from steam engines to computers and now to artificial intelligence (AI) and big data algorithms.

In a nutshell, it is planning, patience, and persistence to work with these technologies that turn these resources into a medium of realising the opportunities that didn’t get tapped before. Confirming the same, the WEF’s ‘The Future of Jobs Report 2018’ stated that the growth of AI at the workplace is expected to create 58 million new jobs in the next few years.

Data analysts: The near future will witness an exponential rise in the use of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, machine learning, image analysis, thus producing large amounts of data. The need to leverage this data is a big challenge, and the same will grow with time. Experts adept at handling, interpreting and analysing data in meaningful ways can strategically improve business productivity by employing informed recommendations and adequate business trend predictions well in advance.

Man-machine coordinators: With human minds and automated bots interacting to deliver work like never before, chaos is sure to happen if not managed well. Businesses have great objectives to achieve with this man-machine collaboration. To ensure smooth workflow, businesses will be on the hunt for those who can design roadmaps to respond to these opportunities. The task for this job role is developing and managing an interaction system through which humans and machines mutually coordinate and communicate their capabilities and intentions.

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IT trainers: With AI, machine learning and automation getting mainstreamed, there will be a significant hike IT trainer jobs. Businesses will hire these professionals for two-way training, including both machines and human minds. On one end, they will be required to counsel AI devices to get a better understanding of human emotions, and on the other, the target will be on training employees to better utilise AI devices as per the needs of their job profiles. Similarly, there will be a need for AI and machine learning researchers and developers who are ready to make machines more human-friendly by instilling human emotions and intuition.

Security analysts: The switch from offline to online has led to new types of crimes and frauds. To secure business profiles and identities, organisations will look for professionals who are skilled at tracking, immuning and recovering AI devices from cyber intrusions of any sort. Those with the skills of networking, information security, and privacy skills, along with system programming and management knowledge, will be in demand.

The gist of the discussion
While the right amount of regular jobs will be dissolved with AI, an ocean of new jobs will also flow in with time. Those who can improvise their skills with technological disruption will benefit, while others will be left with nothing but meagre salaries or, in the worst case, unemployment.

The author is senior vice-president, The Judge Group—the technology, talent and learning solutions firm

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