App review: Kruzr Android app is a smart driving assistant

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Published: October 2, 2017 2:21:48 AM

While mobile phones are very good connectivity and productivity devices and are an essential part of our lives today, the reality is that they do not mix well with driving.

Kruzr App review, Kruzr App, Kruzr, smart driving assistant, productivity devices, mobile app, Kruzr for iOS, smartphone sensors, gyroscope, motion sensors, machine learning, automatic crash detection, Voice interfaceThis Android app automatically detects driving and starts filtering out all important calls and messages.

While mobile phones are very good connectivity and productivity devices and are an essential part of our lives today, the reality is that they do not mix well with driving. The highest cause of road accidents is usage of mobile phones while driving and accounts for about 25-30% of the road accidents and incidents. Interestingly, a recent research suggests that more than 95% of the calls and messages received while driving, which are the primary source of distraction on road, are not important in reality. Enter Kruzr, a light and easy to use app developed by a Bengaluru-based firm with the same name. The mobile app automatically detects driving and begins to play the role of your driving assistant. It helps cut down distractions by more than 95%, thereby reducing road accidents and fatalities as a direct fallout.

Currently the app is free for everyone to download from Google Play store and use. It is currently available and completely functional in the United States, UK and in three Indian cities: Bengaluru, Mumbai, and NCR. Kruzr for iOS is currently under development and will feature on the Appstore soon. Basically, the smart app leverages multiple technologies including pattern recognition, machine learning, natural language processing etc. It activates when one is on the road. The app then automatically manages incoming calls and messages to the owner (driver) with the personalised bot interacting and alerting inbound callers that one is driving at the moment and hence can leave a message for deferred attention.

How is it different:
i. Kruzr is completely a software-based solution unlike most of the other players in the market which rely on external hardware
ii. It uses basic smartphone sensors and features like gyroscope, motion sensors, machine learning etc. to detect a car in motion and to manage calls and messages
iii. This app only allows important calls and messages to filter through thus reducing distraction drastically (by almost 95%)
iv. It ensures the caller is informed about the driver being busy driving, thus ensuring driver’s safety while maintaining connected-ness
v. Important messages are delivered to the driver only when he/she stops (at a signal or any stop) and the same is conveyed to the messenger.

The Kruzr team is also currently working on developing other new-age technologies to further enhance the capabilities of mobile devices with an aim to ensure better safety on roads. These include complete voice interface and automatic crash detection. Voice interface will ensure that the driver never needs to look at the phone or take his hands off the steering wheel to get anything done on the phone.

With automatic crash detection, the app will automatically detect accidents and will ensure medical help reaches the accident site as soon as possible. However, these features are still in the works. Until then, get Kruzr now and let it protect you while you enjoy your drive. Happy Kruzing!

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