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Social commerce, the holy grail for new moms

Fundamentally, social commerce has helmed the shift of power from retailers and brands to people, especially new mothers.

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Social commerce platforms have a rich profusion of brands.

By Anika Parashar

A new mother’s life is a complex mix of responsibilities that on any given day require them to play multiple roles. Busier than ever before, new moms are often juggling a vast array of responsibilities. From their children’s growth and development, managing family dynamics, maintaining a social ecosystem to having a career (if they choose to) and finding their own mental health balance, motherhood is an emotionally complex and often exhausting experience. 

New mothers have incredibly unpredictable days and almost every waking minute is accounted for, so finding a moment to breathe is challenging. Social commerce has helped them to bridge this time’s paucity when it comes to their shopping needs. Be it for their babies or their needs, social commerce platforms have a rich profusion of brands that they can shop online from. Fundamentally, social commerce has helmed the shift of power from retailers and brands to people, especially new mothers. Here are a few ways in which social commerce has made shopping while rocking the cradle easier:

1. Everyone loves a good story: Turbocharged by the power of social media, social commerce peppers brands with that human element. As opposed to the anonymity of retail behemoths, brands on social platforms connect directly with their consumer through authenticity and story-driven marketing. Since social media is where everyone spends most of their leisure time, including new moms, it seamlessly blends their social experiences and e-commerce on the same platform enabled by a single ‘Shop Now’ button! Scrolling through Instagram for instance becomes even more serotonin inducing for new mothers when they can buy from their favourite kidswear brands or treat themselves to nursing-friendly clothing.  

2. Time effective: New moms are always stretched for time. While they shop, they often multitask by watching over a child or children, doing household chores and sometimes even work stuff. By bringing the store to the new moms, meeting them wherever they are, social commerce gives them the comfort of shopping at odd hours, in a matter of moments with most things done at the click of a finger. Streamlining the buying process saves mothers precious moments that they can then redirect to other tasks at hand!

3. Discoverability: Social Commerce allows new moms to interact and discover brands at their own pace often helping them purchase products that are tailored to their preferences. The unique concept of blending content, interaction, technology and social media has paved the way for many new mothers to discover brands that resonate with their ethos. This democratization of information helps them make informed decisions about the kind of ingredients and materials they wish to introduce into their child’s environment. It connects them on a common platform, allowing them to engage in meaningful ways and giving them the thrill of discovering products that are relevant to them.

4. Easy to use: With a million things going on in the background and their minds working overtime as the primary caregivers, social commerce is like an oasis for new moms. Primarily a visual medium, social media platforms are designed to be mobile-friendly and easily accessible. With features on many platforms such as the buy button and in-app checkout, social commerce helps remove unnecessary steps in the buying process creating a seamless and fuss-free buying process. 

5. Ease of access: Time and convenience are top priorities for new mothers. The rise in social commerce indicates that moms are moving further towards digitization and online shopping for the sake of convenience. Bringing retail to the comfort of their couch, at any hour of any given day is the framework that social commerce is building upon. The abundance of options at their fingertips and the ability to easily compare prices, one-stop shopping capabilities, and a wealth of product reviews have turned new moms into one of the most loyal groups of shoppers online. 

6. Social proof: Social commerce thrives on user-generated content such as comments, likes, follows and shares. This is often a defining factor for many new moms while shopping online. They lean towards buying products based on recommendations from people they trust or influencers they follow. Very cautious of their purchases especially concerning their kids, new moms want to feel informed and confident in what they buy and social commerce serves these needs.

By weaving, selling and buying into the fabric of everyday life, social commerce is revolutionizing shopping for new moms.

(Anika Parashar is the founder and CEO of The Woman’s Company)

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