Wellbeing Nutrition: Nutrition, as nature intended it to be

This startup has developed a range of plant-based daily wellness products that are easy to consume and high in nutritive value

Wellbeing Nutrition: Nutrition, as nature intended it to be
Avnish Chhabria

Founded in 2019 by Avnish Chhabria, Wellbeing Nutrition utilises plant-based ingredients in its nutraceutical products to ensure health and wellness of its customers looking for healthier alternatives. “Creating powerful combinations of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, we use cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology and nanotechnology in innovative delivery formats to provide nutrients in more bio-available and bio-active formats to ensure optimal delivery of active nutrients in the body,” says Chhabria.

A certified nutritionist, he realised that the existing nutritional supplements in the market do not address the actual concerns of health enthusiasts. He started his research at the John Hopkins University in the USA and built Wellbeing Nutrition with a mission to revolutionise nutrition and the formats of delivery to create a more lifestyle focused brand versus a brand that dispenses medicine.

“The goal for the brand has always been to source the cleanest nutrients/extracts and ingredients from the best resources globally in order to bring the best in innovation/research and technology to every Indian versus global brands trying to sell over-priced health products to Indians,” says the company founder. It took the company four years of research in the USA with doctors/scientists and researchers from USA, UK and Germany to deliver its products.

According to Chhabria, Wellbeing Nutrition is the first company to build the idea of organic greens/super foods to deliver potent natural multivitamins in a format that’s new and consumed like a lifestyle beverage (aka green juice) versus taking a medicine to get your daily multivitamins. Through its innovative products, the company brings forward natural multivitamins in convenient and easy to consume formats and has seen increase in demand for its product portfolio during and after the pandemic.

In addition to India, Wellbeing Nutrition is present across the US, UAE and Singapore. It raised $2.2 million in a Series A round led by Fireside Ventures. ACG, an integrated solutions provider for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, also participated in the round. In September 2020, the startup had raised $400,000 in angel funding. Since the last funding in July 2021, the company has scaled 5X in revenue and aims to achieve over `25 crore in revenue in the year 2022.

Wellbeing Nutrition has a range of products to help customers tackle daily gut, skin, immunity, detox, hair and weight management issues. The main product lines include daily wellness (Daily Greens, Matcha Tea, Vitamin C, Grandma’s Kadha, Protein), functional nutrition (Melts Hair, Sleep, B12, D3, Collagen) and kids organic nutrition (Disney Melts – Multi Vitamin, Probiotic, Omega, Immunity, Vitamins). The products are all manufactured in a FDA and GMP approved facility, ingredients sourced from 17 countries and over 200 natural/organic farms and companies with certified/patented and clinically studied data on each of the nutrients, claims Chhabria. “With a holistic approach to the consumers’ health, we cater to various aspects including one’s mind, body, food, exercise, sleep, emotional wellness, spirituality and nature,” he says.

Wellbeing Nutrition has retail presence across more than 1200 modern retail stores along with leading pharmacy chains in India. It also sells on some of the leading online platforms besides its own website,

The brand is all set to launch new products – ‘Melts’ and ‘Slow’ in India and other Asian markets. Melts (company’s patented oral thin strips) uses German nanotechnology and brings wellness and nutrition in a fun format which instantly dissolves on the user’s tongue, while also ensuring superior bioavailability, 100% potency and fast action. Slow is built with the latest research in capsule technology with two-in-one nutri-sciences and eight-hour delayed release technology to ensure optimal delivery of nutrients, with more sustained release of beadlets and active oils for increased potency.

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