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Quickwork: Making apps and systems talk to each other

This startup integrates enterprises with its real-time integration

Quickwork: Making apps and systems talk to each other
Milind R Agarwal, founder & CEO of Quickwork

Today, a CXO of any large enterprise anywhere in the world who has been tasked to lead the digital transformation initiatives of the company has to deal with the same challenge—how to integrate various applications and systems being used in the enterprise so that they talk to each other and exchange data with each other seamlessly and securely.

Various studies indicate that any large enterprise uses 70+ applications and systems on an average, with each application built with its own technology, architecture, protocol, database and hosting on-premise or on-cloud. Most enterprises also carry and maintain legacy systems built in-house or developed by vendors, which have become an important part of the business’s day-to-day operations. Integrating such legacy systems with modern applications becomes a necessity for the enterprise where upgrading or changing the legacy system is unfeasible due to exorbitant capital costs or the inability to migrate to a new system without disrupting business operations.

Quickwork, a Mumbai-based technology startup, solves this problem of integrations for enterprises with its real-time integration and API platform. Milind R Agarwal, founder & CEO of Quickwork, shares more, “On observing that our enterprise customers were struggling to find simple, affordable and secure solutions to integrate various applications and systems used in their business, we invested two years of engineering effort to build a state of the art, enterprise-class integration and API platform. Our platform is so easy to use that even a non-IT person can use it in do it yourself or DIY mode, and build integrations and automated workflows with a few simple drag and drops and get done in a few minutes.”

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He adds, “Digital transformation leaders who are striving to create better experiences for their customers and employees can use Quickwork without having to rely solely on their internal IT teams; they can equip their non IT resources with Quickwork who will be able to experiment with, build and test workflow journeys, using self-help which is readily available through our videos.

Quickwork has created a customer success team to support and guide its enterprise users to succeed in building their first few workflow journeys. “We also offer live, online training programmes offered through Quickwork Academy. To accelerate the success of our early adopter enterprise users we have pre-integrated 100s of apps from business, consumer, AI, business intelligence, analytics and IoT categories, which can be used instantly to configure trigger and action events in a workflow journey.” On traction gained by Quickwork, Agarwal says, “We continue to grow rapidly—we process over 150 million transactions a month spread across 100+ enterprise customers and 1,000s of users located in 143 countries.”

Currently, enterprise customers like Yes Bank, Axis Bank, Fincare Bank, Lupin, Alkem, DMI Finance, Flexiloans, and many more from diverse industry verticals like banking, fintech, pharma, e-commerce, education, IoT, and others are solving their integration and automation problems using Quickwork.

On the funding status, Quickwork has raised $3.21 million in pre-series A rounds to date, and it plans to raise a Series A funding round soon to invest in business growth with global expansion and accelerate its product roadmap.


3 billion+ App transactions executed with 5,000 transactions processed every second
1000+ Applications integrated and ready to use out of box
150 million Transactions processed every month
$3.21 million Funds raised in round A

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