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How online wellness platforms are giving micro businesses like your neighbourhood parlours a makeover

Through on-demand marketplaces, parlour and salon owners are able to leverage their expertise as well as their workforce to render professional-quality services.

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Sustainablility is what business models of young companies need to boost employability, skill building

The contribution of sustainable business models is not limited to employment opportunities. It impacts the quality of lives, opening of global markets, and most importantly can nurture the talent and

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Fighting slowdown: How economy can expect resurgence by handholding high-potential young enterprises

The current situation has made it important to answer the question that is there a need to rejig the Indian economy and identify the sector where the next wave of growth will come from?

Moody's has cited continued slowdown for its action - the first step towards a rating downgrade. News

IBC: Why ineligibility norms concerning defaulting promoters should be relooked for MSMEs

Lack of clarity within IBC provisions regarding the applicability of ineligibility norms to a transaction to save the corporate debtor from the ultimate liquidation seems to have driven the thought pr

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6 key issues MSMEs must tackle to ensure legal, administrative compliances

Business and commerce entail an eclectic interplay of many complex ecosystems which are, many times at conflict with each other. The need is to have a framework that is robust yet flexible policy.

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SMEs will make digital payments only if this one worry is solved | PayPal interview

"Receiving money is very easy but there is a cost of money and at the same point of time there is a risk element to it. For that, we have a programme called Buyer Seller Protection programme that SMEs

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How MSME lenders are leveraging technology to reduce risk in unsecured lending

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: In the absence of formal documentation, compliance reporting, and robust credit score, merely about 20 per cent of MSMEs are able to secure credit financing from the ban

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SMEs and intellectual property rights: Long-awaited pairing to improve legal values, boost employment

With many MSMEs operating in overlapping and crowded markets, the need for competitive advantages and unique selling propositions has long existed. IPRs provide just that, especially for businesses th

The entrepreneurial landscape is dominated more by failed ideas and ventures and entrepreneurs who have lost more than money and time News

Govt’s $5 trillion economy aim needs commitment to ease of setting-up business, support in early years

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The exact impact assessment of such business reforms in knowing if such reforms have essentially inculcated a healthy and easy business environment remains debatable.

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MSME exports have reached a stage where they need helping hand more than just sops

Trade, Imports, Exports for MSMEs: SME exporters need more than just government hand-outs. For the sector to truly grow and meet its potential, it needs the government to work on eliminating structura

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Kirana stores new success mantra: Partnering with logistics companies in small cities to maximise returns

Logistics for MSMEs: Logistic companies are playing a major role in boosting kirana stores in tier II and III cities by providing instant and convenient deliveries from stores to the customers in no t

From the poshest neighborhoods to teeming slums, typical Indian kiranas are cramped spaces that can just about fit a king-size bed but are chock-full of sacks of rice, lentils and dried chili peppers. News

Assessing blue-collar workforce before hiring can help e-commerce firms tide over festive demand

By accessing the aid of leading talent assessment firms, new-age Indian e-commerce businesses can ensure that fresh blue-collar hires carry credibility, trustworthiness, and good behaviour along with

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Increase in GST rates not a viable option for SMEs, will lead to unnecessary litigation

GST and Taxation for MSMEs: MSMEs with their tight budgets may not be able to take the extra cost associated with the imposition of a tax or the repeated changes in rates.

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Small businesses rely heavily on third parties; must safeguard amid concerns over outsourcing | Interview

From 46 per cent in 2018, 48 per cent SMBs this year reported data breach cases, as per Kaspersky report. Moreover, micro-enterprises also saw such instances increased from 30 per cent to 36 per cent

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Asia’s fintech space to have small, disruptive players ahead; large ones will team up for more offerings

Banks have been the traditional gateway to payment services. With the fast pace of technological changes, however, this domain is no longer the monopoly of banks.

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SMEs looking to adopt CRM? Here are 5 key things to ensure before choosing right system

Technology for MSMEs: Typically, CRM systems tend to cater to large enterprises and later launch a lite model ‘suited’ to SME or startup space.

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Why automating logistics, supply chain is must for SMEs to cut cost, boost efficiency

Logistics for MSMEs: Automation offers the advantage of improving productivity and gaining the competitive edge to SMEs if implemented across different streams and wings.

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Small businesses, not large firms, likely to delay MSME payments; need robust trade finance ecosystem

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Specifically, large businesses pay their suppliers within around 86 days, whereas micro-businesses take much longer (around 119 days) to pay their suppliers.

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Economic downturn: Why investing in new-age businesses makes more sense now

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Making investments in the businesses of the future is a high-risk, high-return challenge, but it can prove to be hugely rewarding in this time of turmoil.

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Small business listings: Will SME exchanges continue to outshine main board this Diwali

In recent years, SME Exchanges have been buzzing with activities in comparison with the main boards. In the FY 2018 and 2019, a total of 261 SMEs were listed, while 123 were listed on the main boards

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Restriction on export rebates not just hits MSMEs but also makes tough for India to climb tax rankings

Trade, Imports, Exports for MSMEs: Imposing restrictions on exporters claiming benefits under other export incentive schemes not only puts them in a disadvantageous position when compared to other exp

Both imports and exports were growing at a healthy rate during the same period last year at 8% and 9%, respectively. (Representational image) News

AI can accelerate MSME share in GDP but small businesses must overcome data, ROI, awareness limitations

Technology for MSMEs: AI has become a bedrock for well-funded companies and remains a distant dream for SMEs who continue to expand their bandwidth on basic working capital management to run and expan

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SMEs’ next big frontier: How AI can help deliver personalised, customised customer experience

Technology for MSMEs: There is much more to digitisation than mere connectivity. Providing a personalised and customised customer experience is the next big frontier for SMEs.

As part of the deal, Ola will hire’s team. The start-up uses autonomous technologies like artificial intelligence, computer vision and sensor fusion to provide seamless solutions for business News

Policy implementation key to MSME growth; environment must be proactive towards small business needs

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: An entrepreneur is not a burden on the society, on the contrary, he/she helps in taking care of the society by employing people, bringing in positive economic changes

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How GST is hurting this set of Indian SMEs, global competitiveness lost

Trade, Imports, Exports for MSMEs: The GST Council must review the taxation of exporting intermediaries as this predatory levy on exports may well be the final nail in the coffin for many financially

Both imports and exports were growing at a healthy rate during the same period last year at 8% and 9%, respectively. (Representational image) News

Financial consultants: Today’s catalyst for SMEs to drive financial management, profitability

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: For a sector working on a limited budget, hiring a financial consultant might seem like an extravagance, but, it has become important for SMEs to do so for efficient fina

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Cashback websites: Important yet lesser-focused channel by small businesses to boost growth

Cashback websites help drive sales, gain traction in terms of shoppers and offer the brand a lot more visibility.

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