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Budget 2020: ‘Right time for startups to innovate for manufacturing sector, make it more competitive’

Budget 2020 India: The startup sector will have ample opportunities to transform old-school economics by means of digitization of every single business process including sales, customer experience, pa

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Budget 2020: Enhanced credit flow to NBFCs must be on Nirmala Sitharaman’s radar to boost MSME lending

Budget 2020 India: Even as the liquidity windows and regulatory incentives ushered after the last year’s budget improved the liquidity situation in the financial system, a more concrete approach is

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Budget 2020: 5 key MSME challenges to be solved in mission mode by govt to jumpstart their growth

Budget 2020 India: Despite the rising importance of the MSME sector in the Indian economy, the sector is grappling with several issues that are hindering it from performing to its optimum.

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Despite teething problems, Data Protection Bill will be instrumental for small businesses in long term

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The ease of doing business will become easy and hassle-free with the establishment of the Data Protection Authority of India (DPAI).

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Now, credit card for small businesses to solve working capital issue, manage expenses, payments, more

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: A corporate credit card by definition is a credit card issued to an organization, to take care of their business-related expenses, such as supplier payments, travel booki

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E-procurement: The X factor for small businesses to cut cost, improve processes, and expand

Technology for MSMEs: For a business of any kind, if it wants to survive and stay competitive in the market, it is vital to reduce the costs of its materials and services by procuring from lowcost sou

Mirum has come on board as a strategic digital and implementation partner for entire salesforce marketing Cloud stack News

‘Entrepreneurs need to better manage slowdown to retain trust by employees’

Skilling, Labour, Talent for MSMEs: It is imperative for entrepreneurs to gear up for the future. During the slowdown, it is crucial for the companies to think on the lines of ‘What will you need wh

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Lending to women entrepreneurs not same as men; this unique approach can help boost women-run ventures

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: More often than not women entrepreneurs find it tougher to start and run a business as compared to men. This experience ends up dissuading women from entering the fray.

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Public Procurement Policy: What’s holding back govt to help MSMEs sell more, get more customers

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The major procuring ministries must undertake measures for training MSE vendors as well as PSUs and their procurement officers to inculcate greater knowledge of the s

The trade unions were vociferous in their protest against the proposal to bar outsiders from being TU leaders. (Representational image) News

No place for women entrepreneurs? Why investors have a problem with women-led businesses

As per a recent research report, less than 3 per cent of global venture capital was invested in women-led teams in 2017. The figure is slightly better for emerging markets.

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MSMEs must protect their ideas; investment in IP protection is asset not expense

MSME sector is one of the largest contributors to the Indian economy, however, awareness about IPRs is lacking in Indian MSMEs.

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Not only securing data, MSMEs must find efficient ways to collect, store, use it cost effectively

Technology for MSMEs: For smaller organizations, effective data management isn’t limited to information security but to data lifecycle management, employee education and other efforts too.

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Reaching out to customers isn’t enough, MSMEs will have to engage with them to grow fast

Technology for MSMEs: When choosing mobile engagement tools, not just staying at the top of the mind of the customer would be their priority, but also keeping the customers engaged with relevant and p

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Entrepreneurship can ruin your personal life; here’s still what you can do to manage work-life balance

Entrepreneurs understand that they cannot follow elaborate health schemes and protocols. What they can do is include small check-ins on how they are feeling.

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Small business challenge: How technology companies like WhatsApp, Jio won over price sensitive MSMEs

Technology for MSMEs: India is home to the second-largest number of small businesses in the world driving a large proportion of the total employment and GDP in the country. In spite of that, technolog

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MSME credit woes: Solving NBFCs’ liquidity crisis is critical for small businesses’ access to capital

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Improved liquidity for NBFCs would be a much-needed boost for the MSME sector as NBFCs provide significant funding to this segment of borrowers.

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2020 and beyond: Why ignoring women in leadership roles may slow down growth of MSMEs and startups

Being more mobile – both physically and in the mind along with a tech-savvy edge will really be the key to placing more and more women in leadership roles.

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How this simple technology can solve most complex tasks for small businesses without much investment

Accounting software performs all the financial and operational tasks for business and manages the financial status of businesses.

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Robotics revolution: How robots will help emerging businesses flourish in ways better than computers

Technology for MSMEs: The robotics revolution is going to be nothing smaller than a PC industry revolution that rocked the world in the 1980s and 90s.

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AI, ML startups turn new favourite for investors as deeptech becomes backbone for businesses

A new breed of entrepreneurs is focusing on enterprise-led opportunities with the backbone of deeptech platforms.

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‘High time for MSMEs causing pollution to comply with environmental norms before govt shut them’

The formation of industrial clusters has helped the MSMEs get organised. However, the key to the success of these MSMEs located in industrial clusters is in ensuring that they comply with the applicab

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Non-tariff barriers: What government should do to ensure MSMEs remain competitive globally

Logistics for MSMEs: Ensuring compliance with the ever-changing NTBs require SMEs to make costly investments in terms of adapting to requisite production processes, packaging and labelling specificati

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Not just product delivery, logistics companies helping SMEs bring efficiency in supply chain, technology

Logistics for MSMEs: Logistics companies usually have a pan India reach. They cover even the hinterlands of the country and are helpful to the MSMEs in these areas.

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How MSMEs in after-sales automobile accessory market is witnessing change in fortune

Despite the slowdown in the auto sector, the after-sales of auto accessories have created massive growth for MSMEs.

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How P2P lenders are acting as catalyst to entrepreneurship boom in India’s hinterland

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Non-Banking Financial Companies - Peer to Peer (NBFC-P2Ps) have become engines of support for aspiring entrepreneurs by helping them to face the hardships of financial ri

The National Agriculture Policy (2000) has also advocated encouraging farm forestry, block forest, village wood lots and others, but the current share of agroforestry system stands at 3.39% of the geographical area. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Predatory pricing by e-commerce companies: Government’s knee-jerk reaction may aggravate MSMEs’ concern

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: For a robust competitive landscape, it is essential that each market participant is able to operate and effectively compete – this is what competition law seeks to

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Small businesses looking for temporary staffing? Here’s what you must ensure to meet short-term demands

Skilling, Labour, Talent for MSMEs: According to data supplied by staffing firms, temporary hiring registers a 10 per cent - 15 per cent during the festive season, with e-commerce platforms leading th

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