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Is data localization compatible with Atmanirbhar Bharat? Here’s what govt must do to make it successful

The free flow of data has so far been possible due to favorable cross border data flow policies at home and abroad as well as open market access granted to Indian digital exports by its foreign tradin

‘For old fashioned MSMEs, Covid is a chance to change dramatically, transform business models’

Technology for MSMEs: The use of personal technology has accelerated substantially driven by low data prices and highly accessible content. But small to medium scale industry hasn’t leveraged this t

4 ways how current taxation system may ease compliance and boost ease of doing business for MSMEs

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Considering the fact that we majorly depend on MSMEs for employment, exports, and GDP contribution, the finance ministry is striving to facilitate their exponential g

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Beyond emergency package: Permanent alternative to one-time stimulus for MSMEs lies with fintech upstarts

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Banks and NBFCs often rely on balance sheets to weigh the credibility of a business or look for hard collateral such as property or other fixed assets which an MSME owner

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Should MSMEs focus on revenue or profit amid Covid? Here are possible scenarios to answer that question

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: The focus on the revenue and profit is based on the visibility of the expected trends. The exhibit outlines the canvas of the potential strategies that MSMEs could adopt

E-commerce fakes: How online retailers can curb counterfeiting without messing with customer experience

Standards-based traceability solution, which runs across the supply chain, is the first and the most crucial step towards complete, end-to-end visibility over supply chains. It enables brand owners/ c

beware of Fake whatsapp viral message of free 2000 rupee relief fund from Government to each citizen, PIB Fact check

Future is now: 6 most critical things startups need to ensure while planning for a better tomorrow

Today, startups are in an early stage process and in a better position of being future-ready while the enterprises will have to go through a rigorous grind.

Staying relevant: Reskilling workforce for AI, ML, IoT, era must for MSMEs, startups to survive, scale

Technology for MSMEs: Pandemic induced lockdown and the consequent social distancing have given a chance for online learning to showcase its effectiveness as a primary learning model, rather than as a

Remote working: How small businesses can navigate through new normal to win customers, reduce cost, more

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: As the world tilts on the axis of the new normal, it becomes further imperative for small enterprises as well as startups to re-evaluate, retain and further recalibra

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Smart data storage: How MSMEs, startups can channelise limited resources for maximum benefits amid Covid

Technology for MSMEs: Outsourcing with a third-party data center and cloud service provider helps small businesses to utilize modern IT infrastructure and updated IT services.

Atmanirbhar MSMEs: How Modi govt’s Make in India 2.0 is gateway to self-reliance for small businesses

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The ‘Make in India’ strategy has been adopted by the Prime Minister to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, encourage employment,

For India, this presents a tremendous opportunity to enter the $1-trillion global manufacturing club.

Covid 19: Big opportunity or doomsday scenario for MSMEs? Stage set for firms to decide their future

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The government has set up the stage, consumer perception can be made favourable, and means available with MSMEs are several. This provides them with the perfect platf

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Rationalisation, decriminalisation, digitsation: The three-pronged view to reduce MSME compliance burden

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The burden of compliance for MSMEs is disproportionately high while their resources are limited. They need to deal with 27 licenses, registrations, permissions and co

Surviving Covid: How securing cash flows before pandemic is helping small businesses fight better

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Last three months have proved to be a testimony to the fact that small businesses must focus on securing cashflows, more than ever, if they were to emerge stronger.

A lot done but more needs to be undertaken for MSMEs to boost their liquidity, skill development

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The central government had kept a target of achieving a $5 trillion economy by 2024 out of which $2 trillion was to come from the MSME sector.

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As fraudsters step up cyber attack amid Covid, vulnerable MSMEs also must take these 5 countermeasures

Technology for MSMEs: With Covid-19 likely to have a huge impact on MSMEs in the next few months, businesses need to realign to evolving customer needs and implement secured, risk-free solutions that

E-commerce brought in logistics boom; now, COVID-19 pushing delivery business further ahead

Arguably, the last 10 years have seen more disruptions in the Indian logistics sector, than were evident in the last 100 years.

‘Uncertainty looming over Covid crisis bottoming out for MSMEs to assess need for more govt stimulus’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Banks will provide subordinate debt to MSME promoters to enable capital infusion. This will strengthen the net-worth of MSMEs and prevent them from becoming sick and

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, MSME, finance ministry

Amid Covid gloom, a new world order for e-commerce is emerging with fundamental shift in these areas

India’s e-commerce revenue growth is at 112 per cent (YoY) and 79 per cent over the past two weeks, clearly signalling a bullish trend for the sector.

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Despite critical need, insurance remain most underpenetrated in MSME sector due to these key reasons

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Though insurance is a discerning way to check liabilities in the event of harm to assets and business, even today, it is wrongly considered synonymous with life insur

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Unlocking post-Covid potential: How startups can turn short-term challenges into long-term opportunities

In order to unlock the full business value of contracts, organizations will need to increase revenue, reduce cost, accelerate cash flows, and minimize risk.

Slow recovery likely for fashion retailers in Q3 but adopting these measures a must to tap into demand

Driving higher loyalty through intimate engagements at the store and digitally will be a key. Experiential buying will be the norm with leaders having a loyal set of customers, a community that relate

MSME NPAs to be a double whammy for small business sentiments; these added measures may get mojo back

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The viability of the accounts should be worked out and their loan commitments should be rescheduled wherever required. Liquidity mismatch issues should also be addres

Handholding banks must to execute MSME loan scheme; here’s what govt can do to address on-ground issues

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: While various stakeholders have appreciated the bold move to set up a fund of funds, it will stress test the government’s preparedness and resolve to handle such a sign

The MSME segment contributes around 30% of India's GDP presently

Digital lending post Covid: How micro-credit holds the key for small merchants, customers to bounce back

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Digital lending platforms with the principles of financial inclusivity will emerge as the heroes of the financial crisis.

‘Need to adopt supply chain lens instead of geographical lens to boost domestic manufacturing’

A national supply chain network can boost domestic manufacturing, generate employment, embrace export promotion, and transform India from being consumption-driven to being investment-driven.

‘Govt must replace red-tapism with red carpet to attract firms exiting China and for MSMEs to benefit’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Recently, Japan announced $2.2 billion stimuli to help out Japanese companies moving out of China followed by the US also expressing a similar sentiment to shift its

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