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5 digital transformation challenges SMEs face today and how they can solve them to plan future growth

Technology for MSMEs: Data across the globe shows that the success rate of digital transformation is still at the low 20 per cent. SMEs face very specific problems when it comes to digitisation of their businesses.

Modernization of MSME sector: How to achieve scaling up and technological transformation of MSMEs?

Technology for MSMEs: Technology upgradation and modernization is rather a perennial objective of India’s SSI policy up to 2006, and that of MSME policy since 2006. However, we have not achieved muc

New labor codes

Interview | FTP must acknowledge MSMEs’ e-commerce exports for Atmanirbhar Bharat: Amazon’s Abhijit Kamra

Trade, import, and export for MSMEs: "Every possible category that you can think of, Indian MSMEs are exporting that to different countries through 17 marketplaces across the world we operate that cat

GeM: What’s holding Amazon of public procurement back from enabling MSMEs to earn more

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The unorganised and fragmented structure of the current tendering and procurement system across central and state government departments leaves a lot of room for comp

Ease of Doing Business? From incorporation to listing, how regulatory burden is stifling MSME development

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: While the number of MSMEs has almost doubled since the previous MSME census, the share of micro-units has remained the same. Most firms in India continue to stay smal

how to do msme udyam registration and know about its benefits and for whom this scheme

LLP reforms 2021: How the Amendment Bill facilitates ease of doing business, encourage entrepreneurs

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: To incentivise small and startup LLPs, the Bill seeks to limit the penalty levied on the Act for any non-compliances under the act to only one-half of the amount of p

It is working with the Chamber's US-India Business Council and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum to take three immediate actions to help address the COVID-19 surge in India. (Representative image)

Opaqueness in forex transactions for MSMEs: How small firms can get through forex trading complexities

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Despite being an important contributor to the growing forex business, MSMEs often get trapped between the complexities and jargon of the forex market that often gets too


Revision of MSME definition in midst of Covid pandemic: Investment and employment implications

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: In general, periodic definition revision of MSMEs is justified on the following three grounds: to take account of inflation, to facilitate technology up-gradation an

Under the scheme, eligible investors in air-conditioners, LED lights and such components will get incentives of 4-6% on incremental sales (to be calculated over the base year of 2019-20) of products manufactured in India. The total incentives of Rs 6,238 crore will be disbursed over five years.

GeM CEO: We are 3rd biggest public procurement marketplace in GMV globally right now | Interview

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: "The quality of MSE goods is quite good but the main reason (for MSEs' higher share in GeM's total order value) is a large number of products and services they offer

“Shared logistics can help put MSMEs on recovery path with infra, operational support from large firms”

Logistics for MSMEs: For smaller logistics MSMEs, continuous cash flow is integral to ensure operations are not hampered. However, they characteristically have lesser capital as opposed to their well-

supply chain, production

‘Small sellers who experienced convenience of e-commerce selling unlikely to ignore this channel ahead’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Clocking millions of app downloads in the run-up to the festival sales, consumers enjoyed faster delivery of their purchases, as sellers from small towns jumped on th

On Friday, the minister said, to further strengthen the regulatory framework for prevention of unfair trade practices in e-commerce, the government has sought suggestions on the proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection (e-Commerce) Rules, 2020.

How neobanks are addressing gap in informal routes to banking needs for small businesses

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: The existing regulatory regime needs some evolution for licensing and operating a neobank in India. Although the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has not issued guidelines on

Digital banking, Social Banking, Digital Queue, Conversational Banking, Peer to Peer Payment Systems, Facial Recognition Banking, App-based access?, personal access

‘Only when MSMEs understand what’s at risk, what to protect, they can identify right cybersecurity tools’

Technology for MSMEs: Awareness forms the crux of a robust cybersecurity framework for any establishment, irrespective of its size. The cybersecurity journey of any MSME should fundamentally start fro

"The vision of this strategy is to ensure safe, secure, resilient, vibrant, and trusted cyber space," Pant said.

Why exclusive emphasis on manufacturing firms in MSME sector is imperative to transform Indian economy

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Incremental increases in networked, innovative, and internationalized SMEs would play a decisive role in the development transformation of the Indian economy.

Under the scheme, eligible investors in air-conditioners, LED lights and such components will get incentives of 4-6% on incremental sales (to be calculated over the base year of 2019-20) of products manufactured in India. The total incentives of Rs 6,238 crore will be disbursed over five years.

‘Digital payments adoption among merchants, kiranas most effective through ‘A-B-C-D’ principle’

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Many merchants find digital payments unreliable due to PoS friction, network constraints, and poor last-mile connectivity, which often result in transaction dropouts and

digital payments stocks, sector, payment companies, e-commerce boom, Square, Global Payments

UK-based fintech firm Tide enters India to tap the growing SMB market, to invest Rs 1,000 crore over the next five years

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: India is Tide’s first international market where it wants to tap into the SMB market by offering them financial and administrative services.

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‘In times of unprecedented crisis, a declining SME sector will cost an economy heavily’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Due to SMEs' ability to emerge in a dispersed manner in rural and semi-urban areas, they can facilitate decentralized economic growth and balanced regional developmen

Resolution Framework 2.0: ‘RBI considerate of MSMEs’ need but real-time situation demands more measures’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: A new exclusive criterion for asset classification for MSMEs or provision for interim financing or credit facility accounts for certain eligible MSME borrowers or fac

Is your MSME ready for private equity, venture capital? Here’s what it would take to attract private money

A private equity investor accepting an exit for a pre-agreed return on investment is the exit of last resort, that is, the bare minimum expectation of this investor. They want more, a lot more – as

Hedging your bets: How globalisation can enable manufacturers to grow sustainably amid Covid

Companies that were able to conduct business globally, saw more revenue come in from overseas markets than India and thus experienced significantly lower disruptions in the revenues.


MSME schemes 2020: What was announced, what was utilised, and what is needed in 2021

As we grapple with an even deadlier second wave of the pandemic this year, it would be interesting to see how last year’s schemes have fared so far, so that a useful indicator can be built of what w

. If the committee's report was favourable, then the project would be completed in three years,he added.

‘Watertight rules to prevent promoters’ backdoor entry might prove futile to objective of Pre-Pack scheme’

The scheme has been notified with the idea that it is MSMEs' prerogative to have an alternative debt resolution mechanism considering their unique nature of informal markets. But, the analysis would r

‘SC ruling to hold personal guarantor liable in insolvency cases to strengthen MSMEs’ credit discipline’

The judgment will also encourage the promoters to use the pre-pack regime for MSMEs to find resolutions acceptable to the creditors and strengthen credit discipline across the debt market.

One should not get dissuaded by the number, but must stay focused on the long-term benefits that the IBC will yield.

‘It’s high time India creates systematic, periodic database of MSMEs, given latter’s employment potential’

Till recently, we used to have annual estimates for the number of enterprises, employment, production, and exports of MSMEs (for the sector and nation as a whole) from the Ministry of MSME, which are

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