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5 steps government should take to save MSMEs amid economic slowdown due to Coronavirus

Ease of doing business for MSMEs: Companies, especially the MSMEs, are struggling to keep afloat as their business activities collapse over time. The subsequent lockdowns have virtually shut down the businesses.
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IBC: These 3 provisions can be potential threat to MSMEs unless government takes this key step

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: One may indisputably note that in the context of the prevailing mechanism under IBC, there are several inherent yet critical issues which would inevitably affect the

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Startup India: How entrepreneurs can realise full potential of govt’s scheme, remain competitive

As the world’s economy transitions into one where economic value is created by bringing about disruption, and consequently behavioural change, governments know they have to create ample runway space

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Learn, unlearn, relearn: What entrepreneurs need to stay competitive and fill widening skill gap

While established companies can bridge this need-gap by hiring top talent, budding entrepreneurs rarely possess enough capital to employ such resources.

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Aligning artificial intelligence, big data with business goals is the need of the hour for small businesses

Technology for MSMEs: AI and big data can transform the MSME space by enabling businesses and entrepreneurs alike in creating consistent business growth.

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5 steps by small business owners to unlock their potential to become Dhirubhai Ambani or Bill Gates

Large organizations have the ability to invest more in R&D, production scale and also pay relatively higher remuneration with the better working environment, all of which makes it challenging for SMEs

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No, data localisation will not increase costs for small businesses or impact use of data, as assumed

Technology for MSMEs: Data centres today enable both SMEs and enterprises by providing a fertile ground for them to jumpstart and store their data locally.

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MSME lending: How data-driven access to online loans will empower small businesses

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: With established risk management practices and a diversified customer base leading banks are on course to embrace the digital-lending revolution.

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Online marketplaces: Digitizing small businesses can boost economy but ‘platform neutrality’ is critical

Technology for MSMEs: Apart from larger volumes of trading activity and better price discovery, there would also be benefits arising from innovation in product offerings of online marketplaces resulti

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Not just great product, large market; here’s what entrepreneurs need to get more bang for their buck

Predictability on key performance indicators like an increasing trajectory for new customer acquisition, reduced customer acquisition growth, etc. is precisely what investors look for when committing

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Interview | I don’t lose sleep over financials but customer complaints: OYO’s Rohit Kapoor

"I don’t think IPO is an outcome you work for. It is a waste of time to think about things which you cannot control and not do enough for what you can control," said Rohit Kapoor, OYO India and Sout

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Ease of doing business? Mandatory EPFO, ESIC registrations may enhance compliance for MSMEs, startups

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: With the introduction of SPICe+, registrations for EPFO and ESIC shall be mandatory for all new companies incorporated with effect from February 23, 2020.

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Digital skilling: How trinity of govt, edtech startups, tech businesses is helping MSMEs grow online

Skilling, Labour, Talent for MSMEs: SMBs constantly struggle to attract and retain digitally-savvy talent. This heavily impedes the rate at which these businesses can adopt digital solutions and drive

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Art vs science: How to strike the right balance to correctly value a startup

Traditional companies are easier to value simply because they tend to have physical assets, there is relevant market data stretching back decades and they are more easily understood.

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India’s answer to its problem of $380 billion MSME credit gap lies in these type of lenders to step up

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Informal credit ends up being much more expensive for MSMEs than formal debt making it difficult for them to address accumulated debt burden.

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Schemes for MSMEs are welcome, but these 3 reforms are essential to push small businesses ahead

Skilling, Labour, Talent for MSMEs: The Indian economy has envisioned to become worth $5 trillion by 2024. The Ministry of MSME has taken upon self to contribute around $2 trillion of it from the MSME

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Govt’s subordinate debt scheme for MSMEs a welcome move but success depends on due diligence process

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Budget 2020 has proposed to launch a scheme for giving subordinate debt to MSMEs stressing on the working capital challenge faced b

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Digital gaming: The gold mine young businesses are tapping into as millennials drive huge demand

Looking at the pace of growth of this massive market, one can see a huge number of emerging businesses entering into the digital gaming market in India.

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Rural entrepreneurship: How hinterland’s young enterprises could solve India’s social challenges

One of the major problems rural entrepreneurs face is their inability to market their products and services.

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RBI’s One-time Restructuring scheme a big move; already given relief to 5 lakh MSMEs’ liquidity problem

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: The new RBI circular provides for a scheme which allows for a one-time restructuring of existing loans to MSMEs classified.

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How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ $1 billion funding promise to MSMEs will impact small business investments

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Jeff Bezos’s long term vision is to digitalise small and medium-sized businesses, thereby capturing the dormant value in them.

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Coworking: How plug-and-play offices can help small businesses operate from anywhere, cut costs

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Owing to India’s start-up culture and a young millennial workforce, coworking spaces have proven to be the perfect solution for small business owners or freelancers

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Angel’s advocate: 7 reasons why becoming angel investor in startups would be worth every penny

Gone are the days when the assumption was that only those individuals who were classified as super-rich had the potential to become an angel investor in a start-up.

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Skill gap in cybersecurity: Setting up forensic university to help businesses tide over talent shortage

Currently, the global IT industry is staring at a massive dearth of cybersecurity professionals.

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