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Covid crisis: For beauty, personal care startups – is it all gloom, or a beginning of bloom?

Startups should look at the bigger picture. Is it possible to fulfill their true potential without being omnipresent? What does it take to build an everlasting brand? What is required to realistically compete with big brand players and unabashedly “sit
The journey of a consumer in terms of awareness is shifting from TV to digital avenues, with 33% beauty consumers engaging digitally every day, 50% every week and 93% every month

‘Hybrid cloud may grow exponentially as more firms explore cloud without disturbing on-premise setup’

Every successful company needs a scalable infrastructure that can support complex functions, faster delivery of time-sensitive information, data transformation, and visibility on all data that flows i

‘Investments in startups, others may perk up as economy likely to hit pre-Covid level in March quarter’

The signs of this renewed rigour are already showing as September marked an upward momentum after months of diving to all-time lows following the government’s announcement of the nation-wide lockdow

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‘Many MSMEs are still unaware of digital impact, they fail to build customer loyalty, retention’

Technology for MSMEs: The Coronavirus crisis and the lockdown was a phase of evolution for various MSME sectors. Digitization opened the gates for many local businesses to strengthen their operations

‘Poor leadership can cost 7% of a firm’s turnover, 4% lower revenue growth, lower customer satisfaction’

Micromanagement entails giving orders with dictatorial authority. This behaviour flies in the face of a flexible and agile work culture that is a prerequisite for enabling innovation as well as trust.

‘Less than 30% retailers prepared to handle around 10x surge in online consumer demand’

Logistics for MSMEs: Here are some important ways MSMEs can scale deliveries, shrink delivery turn-around-time, and ensure compliance with Covid-19 regulations.

Logistics has now become an extremely customer-centric function with stringent requirements on turnaround time and schedule adherence.

‘Demand-driven skill development must to reduce need gap for skilled workers among MSMEs’

Skilling, Labour, Talent for MSMEs: With the government extending the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme for the MSME sector by March 31, there is enough time for the sector to rebuild its mome

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‘Sound reverse logistics can help up profit by 5% for businesses, cut returns processing cost by 25%’

Logistics for MSMEs: This reverse flow of inventory from the point-of-sale to the point-of-origin puts tremendous strain and pressure on the logistics and supply chain network. This turns out to be on

Logistics has now become an extremely customer-centric function with stringent requirements on turnaround time and schedule adherence.

‘Big brands need to be experimental like startups that are increasingly winning omnichannel retail’

Omnichannel presence empowers brands to reach consumers and provide them with relevant consumer experience at every touchpoint - online and offline.

Merchandise retail led by discretionary purchases is estimated to clock revenues of nearly $850 billion in FY20. (Representative image)

Startups in post-Covid world: How young firms have been one step ahead to meet demand for new solutions

Over the last six-seven months not only have new startups come up offering solutions to the realities of a post-pandemic world but even existing ones have changed their working models to meet repriori

The funds raised will be used for further scaling up production of Bandicoot and to develop new products and R&D to leverage the technology for the health care segment.

MSMEs and the PMO Mindset: The difference it makes to profitability, growth, scalability of a venture

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: MSMEs practicing basic PMO mindset and inculcating the culture among the people to do the same, often win, against the odds.

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India-China conflict and its ripple effect on MSME exports: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Trade, Import and Export for MSMEs: A large number of coronavirus-hit MSMEs lack the confidence to challenge Chinese business prowess and are wary of high raw material cost for imports from South Kore

“India has been extra-cautious in engaging with Taiwan. Bilateral ties have been confined to economic, educational and cultural exchanges. It has not violated any international law on the issue of Taiwan,” he adds.

Before eyeing maximum festive sales, what e-commerce brands must do to make logistics Covid-proof

Before brands begin to envision profits and progress, they need to have a robust plan in place to achieve the pinnacle of operational efficiency through seamless logistics and a healthy supply chain.

As for investors, there is a growing trend towards acquisition of logistics platforms rather than individual assets.

‘Premium restaurants to see demand upswing and in a sense benefit at cost of small, medium outlets’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Given that the tax-paying classes have either seen flattened wages or significant loss of jobs, food consumption will reduce. This, in turn, has a cascading impact on

Australia is also supporting the reopening of their restaurants.

IBM’s Ajay Mittal: MSMEs not far behind in tech adoption, it’s just that focus areas, scale are smaller

Technology for MSMEs: MSMEs are relooking at their own IT setup to ensure that they fix the gaps which could hamper their ability to operate remotely while minimizing costs.

Foreign listing of Indian startups: Whether exit window for Chinese investors?

From the FDI Circular, it appears that the Indian government has a right to approve any transaction in which a Chinese investor may have any beneficial ownership interest.

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Logistics roadblocks amid festive rush: How MSMEs can ace managing inventory and warehouse, goods safety

Logistics for MSMEs: Augmenting warehouse capacity such as renting temporary warehouses to store the seasonal inventory and hiring temporary but dedicated delivery vans will improve logistical capabil

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“Time for e-tailers to shift to quality offerings by enabling MSMEs, create genuine offline competition”

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: There are reasons galore for the emergence of a new direct-to-customer business model in Covid times. The disrupted supply chain has created havoc for many establishe

With continuing trends, big offers have been introduced by e-commerce websites on such products.

‘Crowdfunding is a great way for new businesses to test the waters before launching product, going big’

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: While there are several alternative financing sources such as equity crowdfunding, revenue-based financing, peer-to-peer consumers, reward-based and donation-based crowdf

The startup intends to use the funds to continue to expand its operations and reach

Interview | As small is the new big, MSMEs will be key growth drivers for us in India: Cisco’s Panish PK

Technology for MSMEs: "While startups in India have been at the forefront of driving innovation through technology, small businesses in the country will play an important role in ensuring balanced eco

Work from office vs work from home: What helps small businesses to stay productive at reduced costs

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Daily, numerous mundane things are performed to run business operations that consume lots of productive time. With the remote working tools, mundane tasks can be auto

However, due to the work-from-home infrastructure and subsequent data security investments, analysts are cautious in asserting a substantial improvement.

‘MSMEs may add $300 billion to India’s GDP by 2025 should they forge strategic partnerships in time’

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: It is ironic that in adversity, partnerships should be an instinctive response to help each other and make each other win but in reality, we see a different picture.

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Kunal Bahl interview | We added 6 million new buyers during Covid pandemic, says Snapdeal co-founder

"They (SoftBank) are our existing shareholders and all kinds of conversations happen with them. I'm not either assenting or denying what you just mentioned (around fundraising talks with them)," said

Interview | MSMEs desperately need personalized business consulting for normalcy: Wadhwani Foundation

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: While the government can plan and allot resources and craft conducive policies, private and non-profit organizations can bring superior implementation expertise throu

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