1. Singapore Company Scores a First with an Epic-Based Collectible Card Game “Legend of Vyas”

Singapore Company Scores a First with an Epic-Based Collectible Card Game “Legend of Vyas”

Vansh Games Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that was formed with the vision of establishing Indian mythology across traditional and modern gaming platforms for the enjoyment and appreciation of youth and families alike.

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Vansh Games Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that was formed with the vision of establishing Indian mythology across traditional and modern gaming platforms for the enjoyment and appreciation of youth and families alike.
In June 2015, Vansh Games announced the launch of “Legend of Vyas”, a unique collectible card game based on the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Legend of Vyas positions itself as a first in the card game genre to be based on this ancient yet popular work of literature. Through its unique gameplay and amazing artwork, the game not only promises hours of intriguing play, but also aims to pique interest and educate young people about the Mahabharata.

The game is the brainchild of two friends, Dr Huren Sivaraj & Mr Varun Devanathan, who imagined a game they would have played in current times that would have revolved around the characters, stories, and lessons of the Mahabharata. The idea to create a collectible card game took root on the instinct that such a format would bring to life the characters, stories and messages that make the Mahabharata, one of the world’s most important literary works of cultural and historical significance.

To ensure that the artwork was of unparalleled quality, Vansh Games worked with renowned Indian digital artist, Anirudh Sainath. Anirudh, who also goes by the moniker Molee, is well known for his artistic depictions of Hindu gods and characters from Indian mythology. Singaporean artist, Benjamin Tan, was brought on board to create the illustrations for various weapons and item cards.

Speaking at the launch occasion, Varun Devanathan, Creator, Legend of Vyas & Partner at Vansh Games, “Legend of Vyas seeks to re-introduce the Mahabharata in a contemporary format, to resonate with today’s youth. We have coupled an exciting game, involving strategy, skill and a touch of fortune, with stunning artwork, depicting heroes, spells and weapons. Our vision is that this combination will stimulate a deeper understanding and connection with the beloved epics and mythology of ancient India.”

V Nataranjan, Marketing Director, Vansh Games, saidWe are delighted and proud to introduce the Legend of Vyas card game. This is the first time ever that a unique collectible card game brings to life the real characters of Mahabharata in a true sense based on the great Indian epic”

“Legend of Vyas card game is a great way to teach, learn and imbibe the real qualities of the heroes of Mahabharata. This is one game that brings the family together and provides hours of cherished fun” he further added.

Legend of Vyas will be launched in India at Comicon, Hyderabad, on 12 and 13 September. Visitors to the Legend of Vyas booth can expect some new features like an Augmented Reality experience (developed by WePOP AR Research Lab), merchandise featuring the amazing artwork from the Legend of Vyas game, and discounts on the game along with a special gift.

The game is also available for immediate shipping across India through online orders at www.LegendofVyas.com.

Views of the Artists – Legend of Vyas

Anirudh Sainath, Indian Artist – Legend of Vyas, “I took on this project as it provided an opportunity to educate people on the Mahabharata, something close to my heart. I have strived to be true to the source material, to portray the characters and events as described in the Mahabharata instead of basing them on popular opinion, and being creatively expressive where possible. I also had to be mindful of how best to portray the mythology within the format of a card game”

Benjamin, Singapore Artist – Legend of Vyas, “Even though I am from multi-racial Singapore, being non-Indian, one of my greatest challenges was in adapting the design language to stay true to the culture and the mythology. So I had to do much research and seek feedback.  I had enjoyable discussions with the LoV team and was pleasantly surprised to find many similarities between the Mahabharata and Chinese mythology. I now have a deeper appreciation for Indian culture”


Website: www.LegendofVyas.com || Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/legendofvyas
Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GdOZfYtXEE

About Legend of Vyas

The Mahabharata, an epic chronicled by the great sage Vyasa, is rich with characters and plots that have fascinated generations of Indians as well as non-Indians. Treachery and intrigue are as much a part of the epic as honour and bravery.

The Legend of Vyas delves into the rift in the Kuru dynasty, and gives players an opportunity to take on the personas of some of the key characters and re-live their stories through an exciting card game that involves strategy, skills and a touch of fortune. Through the game, players get to explore the fierce rivalries between the greatest warriors of that era.

In this first release of Legend of Vyas, players take on the role of the legendary warrior heroes, Arjuna and Karna. Each hero has 40 Health Points at the start of the game. By arming themselves with an array of weaponry, meting out boons and curses, summoning mighty warriors to take their side, and maneuvering their army into strategic formations, players aim to reduce their opponent Hero’s Health Points to zero. The player who is able to do so first wins the game.

As players employ the cards in their deck to defeat their opponents, they get a glimpse into Vyasa’s epic with the commentary provided on each card. They can further their understanding of the various characters, events and weapons by going to the website www.legendofvyas.com.

About Vansh Games:

Vansh Games is a Singapore-based startup with founders from Singapore, India and Malaysia. The company’s goal is to present Indian mythology to today’s generation in an exciting and accessible medium, in order to pique interest in and educate young people about our myths and legends. Atop the treasure trove of our story telling tradition, the Mahabharata rests as the jewel in the crown. This vast epic, often described as the longest poem ever written, was recited in its primordial form by the great sage Vedavyasa to his scribe, Ganesha.

About WePOP AR Research Lab

WePOP AR Research Lab is a pioneer company that focuses on encompassing Augmented Reality and image recognition technology for an exciting and mind-blowing audience interaction and brand building through smartphones, tablets and wearables. With a strong research expertise team, we provide affordable solutions that impeccably fit in with your brand to give an amazing end-user experience.

We have launched an Augmented Reality app on Apple iTunes and Android Google Play designed for brands, publishers and agencies to fascinate their customers in an interactive way for all their brand messaging, promotions and other communication through packaging, newspapers, magazines and merchandising to activate interactive digital content, wherein users access it by scanning through the app. Our company caters to media studios, ad agencies and corporate companies all over the world.

Photo Caption: V Natarajan, Marketing Director, Vansh Games and Varun Devanathan, Creator, Legend of Vyas & Partners at Vansh during the launch of Legend of Vyas card game in Hyderabad. 

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