Released: Full list of IndiGo flights shifted to Delhi’s Terminal 2; check routes here

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Updated: March 23, 2018 3:46:53 PM

The IndiGo flights which will shift to Terminal 2 of Indira Gandhi International Airport will be numbered from 6E 2000 to 6E 2999.

IndiGo, Pratt and Whitney, DGCA, go air, VT ITF registration, EASAIndiGo decided to shift partial operations to T2 after the Supreme Court dismissed its petition challenging a Delhi High Court. (Reuters)

IndiGo has partially shifted its operations to revamped Terminal 2 from Terminal 1 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the budget carrier airlines informed on Friday through its website. “IndiGo expands to T2. Flight numbers will depart from and arrive at Terminal 2, Delhi, starting 25th March, the official website of IndiGo said. The flights which will operate flights from Terminal 2 will be numbered from 6E 2000 to 6E 2999. All other domestic flights will continue to operate from Terminal 1D and International flights from Terminal 3, Delhi, the website said. IndiGo and SpiceJet decided to shift partial operations to T2 after the Supreme Court dismissed its petition challenging a Delhi High Court order on shifting operations from Terminal T1 to T2. GoAir had already shifted its operations to T2 in October 2017.

Here is the full list of IndiGo’s flights that will take off from T2 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport from 25 March 2018:

Old Flight NumberNew Flight NumberDay of OperationsOriginDestinationDeparture TimeArrival TimeNew Terminal
6E 1086E 2108SatBengaluruDelhi10:3013:20T2
6E 1236E 2123SatDelhiBengaluru15:5018:35T2
6E 1266E 2126Ex-TueDelhiBengaluru16:0018:45T2
6E 1316E 2131DailyDelhiBengaluru20:4523:40T2
6E 1316E 2131DailyDelhiBengaluru21:0023:45T2
6E 1326E 2132TueBengaluruDelhi5:308:20T2
6E 1326E 2132Ex-TueBengaluruDelhi6:058:50T2
6E 1326E 2132DailyDelhiSrinagar10:1011:30T2
6E 1336E 2133DailyDelhiBengaluru5:107:55T2
6E 1486E 2148DailyDelhiSrinagar15:0516:35T2
6E 1976E 2197DailyDelhiVisakhapatnam19:2521:35T2
6E 1976E 2197DailySrinagarDelhi17:0518:50T2
6E 2016E 2201DailyDelhiRaipur12:3014:15T2
6E 2046E 2204DailyRaipurDelhi14:5016:45T2
6E 2116E 2211DailyDelhiBhubaneswar15:3517:45T2
6E 2466E 2246Ex-TueBengaluruDelhi13:0015:55T2
6E 2566E 2256Ex-ThuBhubaneswarDelhi9:3512:15T2
6E 2676E 2912DailyDelhiRaipur17:3019:15T2
6E 2736E 2273TueDelhiBengaluru22:000:45T2
6E 2736E 2273Ex-TueDelhiBengaluru22:100:55T2
6E 2896E 2289DailyBengaluruDelhi22:101:00T2
6E 2976E 2297TueDelhiBengaluru9:0011:45T2
6E 2976E 2297Ex-TueDelhiBengaluru9:3512:20T2
6E 3056E 2305DailyBengaluruDelhi21:150:05T2
6E 3066E 2306DailyDelhiBengaluru17:0519:45T2
6E 3146E 2314DailyBhubaneswarDelhi18:2520:55T2
6E 35916E 2591DailyVadodaraDelhi7:108:40T2
6E 36466E 2646DailyBagdograDelhi12:2514:50T2
6E 3676E 2367DailyBengaluruDelhi8:3011:20T2
6E 3676E 2367DailyDelhiBagdogra12:2514:30T2
6E 37526E 2752DailyChennaiDelhi18:4521:40T2
6E 3936E 2393DailyDelhiRaipur8:3010:15T2
6E 39886E 2988DailyBengaluruDelhi16:5519:55T2
6E 4236E 2423Ex-TueDelhiBengaluru13:0015:40T2
6E 4436E 2443DailyDelhiChennai9:5512:45T2
6E 4546E 2454TueRaipurDelhi19:1021:10T2
6E 4546E 2454Ex-TueRaipurDelhi19:4021:35T2
6E 4586E 2458DailyDelhiBengaluru6:259:10T2
6E 4756E 2475DailyBengaluruDelhi4:006:50T2
6E 4846E 2484DailyBengaluruDelhi23:302:20T2
6E 2036E 2486DailyDelhiSrinagar12:4514:15T2
6E 4866E 2486DailyRaipurDelhi9:4011:35T2
6E 4876E 2487DailyChennaiDelhi10:5013:40T2
6E 4886E 2488DailyVadodaraDelhi21:1522:50T2
6E 4896E 2489DailyBhubaneswarDelhi5:157:45T2
6E 50136E 2013DailyDelhiBhubaneswar9:0011:10T2
6E 5196E 2519DailyDelhiChennai21:450:40T2
6E 5246E 2524DailyDelhiAmritsar5:156:25T2
6E 5256E 2525DailyAmritsarDelhi6:558:10T2
6E 52636E 2263DailyDelhiBagdogra14:0016:05T2
6E 54056E 2405DailyBhubaneswarDelhi21:500:20T2
6E 7516E 2554DailyDelhiUdaipur13:2514:45T2
6E 5546E 2554DailySrinagarDelhi10:5512:40T2
6E 6066E 2606DailyDelhiChennai7:1510:20T2
6E 60646E 2064DailyDelhiVadodara14:1015:40T2
6E 60656E 2065Ex-TueBengaluruDelhi12:3015:20T2
6E 61626E 2162DailyDelhiChennai20:3523:30T2
6E 62286E 2228DailyBengaluruDelhi7:109:55T2
6E 62996E 2299DailyUdaipurDelhi19:1520:45T2
6E 62996E 2299DailyUdaipurDelhi21:0022:25T2
6E 6376E 2637DailyDelhiBengaluru18:5021:35T2
6E 63766E 2376DailyDelhiBengaluru0:052:50T2
6E 64096E 2409DailyRaipurDelhi11:1013:05T2
6E 6466E 2616DailyBhubaneswarDelhi16:2019:00T2
6E 65126E 2512DailyDelhiBhubaneswar18:2520:35T2
6E 65126E 2512DailyVadodaraDelhi16:1517:50T2
6E 6526E 2652DailyChennaiDelhi5:007:50T2
6E 66956E 2615Ex-TueDelhiBengaluru11:0013:45T2
6E 67266E 2716DailyBengaluruDelhi20:0022:50T2
6E 69296E 2929DailyDelhiBengaluru7:5510:40T2
6E 6946E 2694DailyDelhiChennai18:0521:05T2
6E 6946E 2694DailySrinagarDelhi15:0516:45T2
6E 6956E 2695DailyChennaiDelhi8:3011:25T2
6E 6986E 2698Ex-SatChennaiDelhi15:1518:10T2
6E 6986E 2698SatChennaiDelhi15:3518:25T2
6E 6986E 2698DailyDelhiVadodara19:1020:45T2
6E 7016E 2701Ex-ThuDelhiBhubaneswar6:459:00T2
6E 7026E 2702DailyDelhiVadodara5:106:40T2
6E 7046E 2704DailyChennaiDelhi22:501:50T2
6E 7196E 2719DailyDelhiVisakhapatnam5:207:30T2
6E 7266E 2726DailyVisakhapatnamDelhi8:5511:40T2
6E 7466E 2746We, Fr, SuDelhiUdaipur7:509:15T2
6E 7466E 2746Ex-We, Fr, SuDelhiUdaipur7:559:15T2
6E 7476E 2747DailyDelhiChennai16:2019:15T2
6E 7476E 2747DailyUdaipurDelhi14:1015:35T2
6E 7576E 2757DailyDelhiRaipur6:508:40T2
6E 7726E 2772DailyVisakhapatnamDelhi18:3021:00T2
6E 7836E 2783DailyBengaluruDelhi18:2521:20T2
6E 8086E 2808DailyBengaluruDelhi18:5521:50T2
6E 8396E 2839DailyDelhiBengaluru15:1518:05T2
6E 8416E 2841DailyDelhiBhubaneswar22:501:00T2
6E 8596E 2859DailyDelhiChennai8:2511:20T2
6E 8946E 2894DailyBagdograDelhi18:2520:40T2
6E 8946E 2894DailyDelhiAmritsar21:3022:45T2
6E 8956E 2895DailyAmritsarDelhi23:150:30T2
6E 9076E 2907DailyChennaiDelhi17:1520:05T2
6E 9436E 2943DailyBengaluruDelhi10:1013:00T2
6E 9636E 2963DailyDelhiBengaluru19:4022:25T2
6E 9766E 2976DailyChennaiDelhi6:309:20T2
6E 9776E 2977DailyDelhiBengaluru22:401:25T2
6E 9786E 2978Ex-TueBengaluruDelhi14:3017:25T2
6E 9856E 2985DailyDelhiChennai6:209:15T2

In case you have a flight to catch in the coming days, this list will help you. You can also access the website for more information.

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