Raymond advertisement: The Complete Ad

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Updated: November 24, 2015 1:52:13 AM

Raymond showcases the ideal man with a social message. The danger is it may start getting preachy

Campaign: School Performance
Brand: Raymond
Company: Raymond Ltd
Agency: Famous Innovations

The Ad

A children’s school play is set to go live, with a backstage scenario where parents are busy recording every moment of their child’s dressing up and getting ready. Next,we see the children bowing down to the audience as the play wraps up, but are disheartened to see every parent in the audience obsessively shooting pictures/videos, instead of appreciating the performance. That is when the Raymond man stands up and applauds heartily, depicting the importance of living the moment rather than capturing.

Our Take

It’s  a struggle for relevance. With so many apparel choices available to today’s youth, including international brands that are a click away, Indian counterparts have struggled to remain aspirational and premium. Even a plush brand like Raymond, which has been around for 90 odd years, has had its share of struggle in this department, with each new commercial being an attempt to stay contemporary, stylish and now most importantly, relevant.

Raymond’s positioning of ‘The Complete Man’ which took shape in the early ‘90s is a case study in itself. The ‘80s were marked with the imagery of the angry, young man, so Raymond’s plank —of showcasing the sensitive, mature, metrosexual side of an Indian male — actually stood out and was welcomed by consumers.

Keeping in line with changing times and yet sticking to its thematic positioning coined all those years ago, Raymond’s new commercial works on contemporary insights. In a rush to capture every moment on devices, people have almost become addicted to their devices. Survey after survey reveals that overuse of/dependency on devices and technology is actually distancing people in real life. In that sense, the commercial captures this very insight and turns it around, with the Raymond-suit clad man breaking the mould and doing what’s right. This commercial is much more believable than some of Raymond’s previous attempts — like the almost girlish ‘puppy’ commercial from a few years back.

Last year, Raymond had released two other thematic films, ‘Being There’ and ‘Letting Go’, which were frankly, a little contrived. The storylines were predictable, while the execution wasn’t particularly outstanding. This school performance one, we find more believable and endearing. Raymond does, after all, revolve around having a protagonist with a ‘Mills & Boon’ hero kind of character sketch—that of the ideal, perfect husband, lover, father, son, teacher etc. One can’t help but notice that the Raymond man almost gives out a social message in each of the TVCs.

The challenge for the brand therefore, is to not go over the top and become preachy.

We think this ad strikes that delicate balance of bringing out one more aspect of the Raymond man’s personality, and having a socially relevant concept. It will be worth noting what the brand attempts next.

Ratings: ****

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