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Evolving technology helping companies to deliver better to consumers

Technology is progressively playing a greater part in customer service as an increasing number of companies combine automation and other resources into their approach to meeting customer requirements.

Evolving technology helping companies to deliver better to consumers
Technology is progressively playing a greater part in customer service.

– Zaiba Sarang

Upgraded customer support is a natural by-product of technological advancements. Your company may use technology to help with customer service, but that doesn’t mean it can do without friendly humans to help maintain and grow client connections. Many companies are changing their commercial eccentricities to use digital technologies and connect with millions of rural customers. These kinds of personal connections are more vital than ever, and they may be strengthened with the aid of modern technology. The fact that a company’s customer service department plays a vital role cannot be altered. The workforce contributes to the upkeep of your company’s ties with its consumers; without customer loyalty, a corporation may falter. However, technology is progressively playing a greater part in customer service as an increasing number of companies combine automation and other resources into their approach to meeting customer requirements.

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Scouting for the biggest commercial surface that needs customer service

Services like mobile banking and online ticketing services have created a more cohesive world. Another sector that has leveraged the virtues of technology is the retail marketing industry. This has led to the creation of e-commerce. The biome of e-commerce is showing the full potential of its girthy foundations as it blossoms away to a titanic size. However, the astounding fact is that it has just embarked on its initial journey and the saturation point is far away. When the perimeter of operationality, outlook, and opportunities is boundless in the e-commerce world, it testifies to the fact that the future is full to the brim with possibilities. The holy trinity of commerce is defined by the convergence of the three Cs: companies, consumers, and clients, which provide an infinite biome of potential markets. The e-commerce system has been able to meld the three Cs and integrate them through logistics. E-commerce has enmeshed logistics as a necessity within its contours.

The Indian e-commerce sector is anticipated to reach $111 billion by 2024 and $200 billion by 2026. In 2022, the Indian e-commerce industry is anticipated to rise by 21.5 per cent, upping the stakes to reach $74.8 billion. By the end of this decade, the Indian e-commerce market will be a goliath standing on the pedestal of prosperity at $ 350 billion. To operate seamlessly, e-commerce needs frictionless logistics to integrate all its components. This is where tech-powered logistics aggregators or third-party logistics service providers come into the picture. These logistics companies are laced with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure to enhance the consumer experience in one of the fastest growing industries of our times.

The anatomy of modern logistics and how it ensures improved consumer service

In developing nations, it may be particularly challenging to maintain a productive supply chain. Companies must update their logistics, but in a manner that accommodates local conditions. In logistics, the playing field is mostly level. All parties face comparable obstacles, including severe weather, global rules, trade disputes, and more recently, a pandemic. In addition, they have many of the same benefits, including vehicle speed, rising demand, and fuel costs. Successful logistics companies stand out from their less-successful competitors because they have a long history of providing reliable and trustworthy customer service.

Some trailblazing cargo service providers have incorporated the internet of things into their operationality. This gives a constantly doctored, relentlessly competitive advantage through which they can fabricate a better service to the consumers. At the moment, some businesses use trucks and trailers with a variety of high-tech sensors that talk in real time with a flexible logistics network. This ultimately culminates in creating a purpose-built logistics channel that creates unparalleled customer satisfaction through rapid services.

Consumer experience soars high with tech wings

It is an immutable fact that operating an e-commerce business is difficult. For anything to get established and give it a successful forge ahead requires strategy, effort, and commitment. In an e-commerce environment, once the goods are ready for shipment, it is a demanding duty for the team to guarantee that they reach clients safely and on schedule. It may not be possible for a corporation to manage the logistics of completing deliveries, particularly as the number increases. Currently, the best choice for the majority of e-commerce businesses is a logistics aggregator partner who has the capacity to provide flexible partners for smooth and expedited last-mile delivery. Here’s how the consumer experience can be enhanced through the incorporation of technology and the systematized synchronization that logistics aggregators provide:

Multiple choices aided by Artificial Intelligence: Logistics aggregation companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) at multiple operational levels. Their core process entails an e-commerce seller selecting from multiple partners. This is a very complex task, as at every data point there’s a constant effort to make comparisons and select the superior option. This process can be very protracted as multiple aspects need to be considered. However, in the modern day and age where artificial intelligence has surrounded the commercial ecosystem, it has ensured that it can make quick work of such tedious tasks. With the aid of tens of thousands of data points, artificial intelligence will select the courier partner that best meets the demands of your company. Overall, this choice helps to create a frictionless process and furnishes the end-user of the whole process, i.e., the consumer, with the convenience of last-mile delivery.

NPS augmenting customer service and engagement: Today, the tracking page shown while utilizing a courier aggregator is not only a tracking website. Customers may provide comments about the product and delivery experience through tracking pages, which function as data centers. This rating and feedback assist the e-commerce seller in calculating their NPS (net promoter score), which offers them insight into how their company is perceived. Consequently, they are able to make strategic decisions. Many businesses cross-sell their products, and there are sections on the tracking page where they may show their new products. So now tracking pages work as a marketplace as well. Customers are the winners of this arrangement since technology is the benefactor. With the use of NPS, they are engaged in the creation of tailored services, resulting in a highly smooth experience for consumers as a whole.

Technology making NDR tractable: Some of the most trailblazing logistics solutions tailored for fabricating a frictionless future in the e-commerce industry have come up with tech-enabled NDR tools. These tools smoothen the NDR process with on-the-go communication with buyers through whatsapp, sms, and IVR. The novel NDR 6-step action plan is a hallmark of some advanced offerings by some logistics aggregators to their clients, and just a select few have patented it. The pioneering process will reduce customers’ returns and avoid fake comments from couriers. The focus is to increase the delivery rate of shipments. With the provision of a dedicated key account manager, there is an impression of human touch to the operability of the software provided by these logistics partners.

Vantage view

A logistics aggregator enabled by technology may be a beneficial resource. Even during major sales points such as Diwali and New Year’s, their considerable capabilities (partners, networks, technology, and facilities) will provide businesses with greater flexibility to manage increasing order volume without slacking off. They may provide a contact center to expedite the processing of client complaints and an order management system (OMS) to simplify rates of return. As part of their dedication to quality management, they will continuously seek out new methods to enhance operations and please your consumers.

(Zaiba Sarang is the Co-founder of iThink Logistics)

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