1. Digital campaign: No layer, only flair

Digital campaign: No layer, only flair

Digital campaigns by brands became a new trend in 2014...

By: | Published: January 13, 2015 12:22 AM

Digital campaigns by brands became a new trend in 2014. Anushree Bhattacharyya picks some international ads that generated a lot of buzz:

Beats Electronics: Attention Please

* Campaign:  #SoloSelfie
* Brand:   Beats by Dre (Solo2 headphones)
* Company: Beats Electronics subsidiary of Apple Inc
* Production Company: RSA Films

The film:

Celebrities always manage to hog the limelight wherever they go. So when Beats Electronics launched a campaign #SoloSelfie to promote its Solo2 headphones featuring a wide range of popular celebrities, it became an instant hit online. The campaign got 16,482,070 views on Youtube and was liked by 25,620 people against 3,996 users who didn’t like it.

The company roped in more than 20 celebrities for this campaign including athletes, musicians, actors and models and launched what are called the video selfie clips. The ad film started with a closeup of the Beats logo on one side of an celebrity’s headphone, and then panned around to capture their face and the activity behind them before ending on the Beats logo of their opposite end of the headphone. The celebrities in videos included sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner famous for their appearances on the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians; singer Nicki Minaj; actor Norman Reedus; and tennis  player Serena Williams, amongst others.

While there was an overdose of celebrities in the film, we think it was a pretty cool way of promoting a brand. There were no heavy dialogue, there was no script or story to follow. Only rhythm for your ears and the glimpse of your favourite star for eyes. A great idea and simple execution.

Hyundai Worldwide: Baby’s Day Out

* Campaign: Hyundai Exobaby
* Brand: Hyundai Sonata
* Company: Hyundai Worldwide
* Agency: The Viral Factory

The film:

The year ended on a high for Hyundai as its Exobaby campaign for Hyundai Sonata generated much buzz online. The campaign received a stupendous 14,648,128 views on Youtube with 596 viewers liking the ad and only 250 giving it a thumbs down.

The ad film began with a voice over introducing a baby in exoskeleton suit and then through cute antics of the baby, it showcased various features of the new Hyundai Sonata that the company plans to roll out this year. From advanced strength steel to a smart trunk to blind spot detection, lane departure warning system, forward collision warning system and smart parking assist system, the baby wearing the suit is shown performing all the tricks neatly.

Babies, especially the cuter ones, always catch attention. In this particular film, the baby’s antics were truly a treat for the eyes. At the end, we were drooling over the baby and brand Sonata had quietly stayed on in the mind.

LG Electronics Inc:  Future Ready

* Campaign: LG OLED TV Influencer Interview – the Future of TV
* Brand: LG OLED TV
* Company: LG Electronics Inc
* Agency: HS Ad

The film:

There is no better advertising than getting experts from the field concerned to endorse your brand. With the advent of social media, consumers, anyway, are looking for feedback before their purchases. LG did just that to promote its OLED TV Influencer. Better still, it put the ad on Youtube for a wider circulation and lo and behold, the film went viral in December garnering 7,833,705 views.

Instead of make believe advertising showing attractive models  prancing around, this film got experts from various fields such as bloggers and magazine editors to comment upon various features of the new brand. Self-lighting pixels or slim design, anybody? These wise men – including Michael Erb an expert on videos who posts his reviews on Amazon.com and bloggers Norah Salazar, Adriana Andaluz and Stephanie Carino enlisted several reasons that will make you fall in love with the new generation product. Yet another example of how simple  ideas could work wonder for a brand.

Google Inc: Open Sesame

* Campaign: Google Application
* Brand:  The Google App
* Company: Google Inc
* Agency: Mullen

The film:

It is one tool without which life, today, can come to a stand still. While Google has become an essential part of our life, the search giant is now taking the next big step as it promotes its mobile application. And it launched a fabulous online campaign to apprise users about it.

Again, the campaign stands out because of its simple script and straight execution. A man standing at the Grand Canyon simply is in conversation with the Google application on his phone. He is heard asking: “Ok Google, how big is the Grand Canyon?” In the next shot, the app on the phone is shown to be generating search results on the Grand Canyon.

Yes, the script is that straight. Without any huffing and puffing, the film tells ordinary consumers how simple it is to use the Google app on their phones. Mission accomplished. Are your surprised that the film has generated 6,879,781 views on Youtube so far?

Pepsico Inc: History Relived

* Campaign: 50
* Brand: Gatorade
* Company: PepsiCo Inc
* Agency: TBWA

The film:

What is the best way to showcase a brand’s decades of association with its consumers? One of the most successful energy drinks from PepsiCo stable Gatorade used sports to tell an engaging story. The film captures the brand’s journey from the very beginning. It opens on the rugby field at  the University of Florida in 1965  through the voice-over of coach Ray Graves, saying: “Give me 50 boys.” He is essentially asking the players to to do 50 push-ups. From here on, the ad film shows Gatorade’s 50 years of association with some of the most popular sports such as soccer, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, lawn tennis and others. From the Patriots’ win in Super Bowl XXXVI to the Boston Marathon, 50 iconic scenes are used from various sports to showcase the brand’s association. The film ends with the tagline, ‘50 Years of fueling the champion within’.

One of the most popular international campaigns of 2014, the ad film got 3,844,639 views on Youtube with 1,153 likes while only 16 people did not like it online. Need we say more?


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