Covid-19: Planning to open offices? This app will help you keep workplace safe

Wobot Intelligence develops AI-based hygiene tracking solution to help businesses adhere to Covid-19 driven hygiene guidelines

Covid-19: Planning to open offices? This app will help you keep workplace safe
Today, many establishments have CCTV-based surveillance, but the cameras only send in the videos.

Hygiene, both at home and office, will be the new normal in the post Covid-19 era. At a time when companies are moving towards re-opening offices and shopfloors, one needs to make sure that all the employees maintain proper hygiene. An innovative solution from Wobot Intelligence, a Delhi-based AI-driven computer vision SaaS venture that helps hospitality, food, retail, and manufacturing businesses to monitor operations, might come handy in keeping our workplaces safe and clean.

Wobot has come up with a unique full suite, plug-and-play, hygiene tracking solution that can be plugged into existing cameras. When connected to an existing CCTV or camera, the solution can effectively monitor 20 second-hand wash, PPE & social distancing compliance, and premise cleaning/sanitation activities. The solution amalgamates facial, activity, gesture, and object recognition.

Analysed visual data is delivered in real-time as notifications on Wobot app, WhatsApp, or e-mail to specified stakeholders. A web-based central dashboard keeps track of all organisational data on hygiene compliance in one place. This hygiene and safety monitoring solution has been implemented across India and Middle East at Kitopi, IRCTC, Rebel Foods and Curefit among others. Its relevance has grown manifold in the coronavirus pandemic.

“Physical monitoring beyond a point is not effective or scaleable or prohibitively expensive,” says Adit Chhabra, CEO, Wobot Intelligence. “By ensuring 24×7 monitoring and real-time feed on compliance we are taking the load off business owners and heads of locations or teams in ensuring compliance and improving sanitisation in their premises. This, in turn, ensures the well-being of their employees/team members while bringing down the compliance costs significantly.”

Today, many establishments have CCTV-based surveillance, but the cameras only send in the videos. Somebody then has to manually look at all the videos to catch anything amiss. CCTVs are often reduced to a mere tool for post-mortem analysis. To solve this and make sense of all the data, Wobot has developed a layer of Artificial Intelligence which makes the system capable of doing surveillance on behalf of the human eye. The company’s machine learning algorithms can detect any deviations in the standard operating procedures and flag them, he explains.

Backed by Titan Capital, Wobot started in December 2017. It offers various modules that look into hygiene, food safety, pilferage, and customer experience. The idea for the company came about when the co-founders—Tanay Dixit, Tapan Dixit, Adit Chhabra—realised that organisations were going through the process of monitoring their operations manually.

Chhabra says, “Essentially an auditor would inspect a place manually just once a week/month, making the whole process highly inefficient and increasing the chances of human errors and biases drastically. At that time we were in the process of building an audit and inspection app that would digitise these manual audits. Through this process, we started understanding the different checklist items that were needed to be audited/monitored for different industries. For example, the hygiene model would require PPE monitoring, sanitisation activity monitoring, hand wash monitoring, etc. We also realised how CCTVs were capturing huge amounts of data and how it could be used to make the process of video monitoring more efficient.

Therefore, the Wobot team first digitised audits and inspections and gained industry knowledge. “In step two, we converted these checklists to computer vision models for CCTV across different industries,” he says. Wobot’s AI-based video analytics platform provides actionable insights and monitors SOPs across companies in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Wobot has been working closely with its customers in food, healthcare as well as manufacturing to ensure employee safety.

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