The one rupee magic: Go shopping and find out!

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Yes, one rupee can indeed buy sindoor, coffee, shampoos and other essentials.

rupee, rupee magic, rupee shopping, rupee news, shopping, shopping in India, shopping in rupee, shopping newsGrandparents often talk about how everything was so much cheaper in their days and how much more the same amount of money could buy. (Reuters)

Remember the dramatic dialogue from the Bollywood blockbuster- Om Shanti Om? “ Ekchutkisindoor. Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Rameshbabu!” And if Rameshbabu had answered, one rupee, he wouldn’t be wrong. Not sure if Shanti would appreciate that response though. Yes, one rupee can indeed buy sindoor, coffee, shampoos and other essentials. Let’s discover the magic a rupee holds and what it can fetch you today.

Grandparents often talk about how everything was so much cheaper in their days and how much more the same amount of money could buy. It is also worth pondering on facts like how our grandparents and parents managed to bring up families, sponsor education, host marriages and have vacations, all from the amount they earned. This can be answered partially by finding out how much the same amount was able to buy during those times. For example, one rupee could buy a vadapav which could serve as a mini meal. Public transport was much cheaper and one could travel distances in a rupee. It could also buy you a cutting chai or a newspaper during those days. Fast forward to 2015 and we set out shopping with a Rupee. Here is a list of things we could buy.

#1 Garment buttons and hooks
However expensive the outfit and rich the fabric, we can’t do without buttons to hold it together right?! And guess what simple ones can be bought in a rupee. That’s a very high functional value that a rupee can give.

#2 Smell some coffee
Coffee pouches are available for a rupee. Feeling sleeping on a workday noon and working late night on that presentation? It’ll only take a rupee to get you started. A quick cup of coffee is the answer.

#3 Worth a stamp
Even in the age of electronic mail, some letters, documents need to be delivered as hard copies. Whether a wedding invite, a greeting card or letter, sending it via post requires a stamp. Stamps can be bought in a rupee. Also, many documents require to be revenue stamped, the cost of which is one rupee.

#4 The rupee is still sweet
For those with a sweet tooth, there is good news. Candies are still available in a rupee. Whether branded candies like Cadbury Éclairs or local candies like peppermint or Ravalgaon. Grab some today and fill your pockets. Childhood revisited!

#5 Connect and communicate
This can be one of the few things which the rupee is able to buy more of today than it did a couple of years ago. Mobile phone talk-time per minute and SMS messages are available under a rupee today.

#6 Convenient shampoo sachets
Shampooing those tresses is indeed possible in a rupee. Convenient to carry while travelling or good for trials when you intend to change your shampoo brand. The shampoo sachets in a rupee are easily available too.

#7 One rupee head massage
Hair oil pouches are available for a rupee. It not only keeps your hair nourished but helps relax after a busy day. This one is a complete paisa vasool purchase.

#8 Do you have a pin?
Safety pins or paper pins. We use them almost every day. A rupee can buy you a bunch of these. Why not buy a packet and stack it up? It is easier than hunting for it in the time of need.

#9 Washing powder sachets
No excuse for not doing the laundry now. Washing powder mini sachets are available for a rupee. This one rupee product can help you wash, rinse, repeat.

#10 Prints and photocopies
Yes, the “Xerox guy” at the corner still does it for a rupee. Even lesser if you have a bunch waiting to be copied or printed on paper. So not taking notes in class and getting it photocopied right before the exams doesn’t cost much you see. And we did not mean in terms of grades.

#11 Essential ingredients for cooking
Indian cuisine involves a lot of chillies, coriander, curry leaves and lemon. A rupee can buy you each one of these, depending on the season. Nice and easy way to add that zing to your food.

#12 Rupee can relieve a headache
Some pain relieving medicine pills are available for a rupee. This helps by not adding to our troubles when the head is already bursting. Needless to say, this option is subject to a doctor’s prescription.

#13 Sindoor and bindis
Sindoors or bindis are used often by married women. The use of this can be traced back to traditions and carries its significance even today. These can easily be bought in a rupee at any accessories store.

#14 Mouthfreshners/ Saunf
Generally taken after meals, mouth freshners or saunf packets are easily available for a rupee. Have to attend a meeting right after lunch? Stop worrying, it’ll only cost you a rupee to prepare for it.

#15 Keep the change
All of us have experience that feeling of “being generous” when you say “keep the change”? Yes, that feeling. A rupee can buy you that feeling when the seller doesn’t have a rupee to give back the change.
So grab a piggy bank and save up those pennies. Appreciate and experience the magic of a rupee today. And remember you read about it here. You are welcome!

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