1. Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal Riding High on ‘Start up India, Stand up India’

Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal Riding High on ‘Start up India, Stand up India’

There is not even an ounce of doubt that the last few years have seen inceptions of large number of start ups.

By: | Published: September 2, 2015 6:10 AM

There is not even an ounce of doubt that the last few years have seen inceptions of large number of start ups.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized on entrepreneurship and job creations. Technology, innovation and digital media have been at the core of such inceptions. And running aheadin the league of such start-ups is SISL InfoTech, started by young entrepreneurs Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal. In a very short span of time the duo has made a staggering progress. They have come a long way since their days of college in Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, where Akash majored in Economics and Arjun graduated in Commerce. They both had their fair share of individual success before partnering up. While Akash Nangia worked as the Vice President with Zomato, Arjun worked as a consultant with McKinsey.

“I and Arjun were enjoying our respective jobs but we always had this knack for exploring. The timing was perfect. India was getting prepped up for a digital revolution and we both realized that we had to materialize the idea that we had brewed up together; providing Digital and Web Security Solutions. We started SISL InfoTech in 2012 and since then the progress has been more than satisfactory. It is even more encouraging when the prime minister lends a fillip to the start ups. PM Modi’s ‘Start up India, Stand up India’ is an exemplary message. This would propel the entrepreneur concealed within people to come out of the closet and innovate. “, said Akash Nangia.

SISL has been immensely successful. Apart from being partners with global giants like EMC, Red Hat, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, VM Ware, Symantec, Trendmicro, F5 Networks etc., the company is contributing for MyGov campaign which is an integral part of the Digital India program initiated by Narendra Modi, along with other key projects in public sector like DMRC, NGN with BSNL and many more.

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  1. Hemen Parekh
    Sep 13, 2015 at 10:24 am
    A NEW ECONOMIC ORDER ? You may also call it , " Start Up Act - 2015 " # Objectives of the Act Every year , to create 5 million Start Ups , each employing 2 persons , for a total of 10 million new jobs per year # Methodology * Instead of Companies Act - 1956 , these Start Ups will be governed by the Start Up Act - 2015 * A Start Up can be launched by any Indian citizen under the age of 30 ( covering roughly 65 % of our potion ) * A Start Up will need to register online on the web site of the Income Tax Department and obtain a unique " Start Up Number " * Although all Start Ups will need to file annual Income Tax returns ( with full disclosure of income / expenses / profits / sources of funds etc ) , it will not be required to pay any Corporate Income Tax for the first 10 years of its existence * A Start Up will be free to raise funds from any source ( Individuals / Companies / PE funds / VCs / Angel Investors / Religious Trusts etc ) * 100 % FDI will be permitted in Start Ups * A Start Up can receive loans or equity and be able to accept fixed deposits . It can also give loans to individuals or other Start Ups or invest in other Start Ups by way of equity * There will be no restrictions on what interest ( on loans / FDs ) that a Start Up may pay nor any restrictions on dividends it may declare The dividends declared by Start Ups will not attract any Income Tax * As far as the persons / companies etc providing funds to Start Ups ( by way of loans or equity ) is concerned , no questions will be asked re their source of funds # What will happen ? * Billions of rupees worth Black Money will flow into these Start Ups - money which is currently lying unutilized or locked up in unproductive ets * If Jan Dhan Yojana could create 200 million bank accounts in 20 months , Start Up Act - 2015 , will create 200 million Start Ups in next 10 months ! All that led to this World record was , someone suggesting the unthinkable : " Let us enable poor people to open bank accounts with ZERO bank balance " " Start Up Act- 2015 ", will unleash a similar " Start Up Tsunami " ! * Within 3 months , thousands of Venture Capital Funds will be born , exclusively for funding of Start Ups ( You know who will set up these VCs ! ) * With NO Income Tax to be paid , Start Ups will conduct all transactions through cheques ( receipts / payments ) * GST collections will go up * Domestic Savings Rate will go up * Since millions of ( Black Money holding ) individuals / businesses will come forward to fund these Start Ups , lending pressure on banks will go down * Who knows , Start Ups may get into the business of ets Reconstruction and relieve banks of NPAs ! * With locally / domestically stashed Black Money flowing into the economy , our dependence on FDI will go down * Corruption will decline drastically # Why the need for Start Up Act ? It is simple In the past 300 years , we have had different systems of Economic Development , viz: Communist / Socialist / Capitalist There were periods when each worked well - depending upon the geography and the technological environment prevailing during those periods Today, Internet and mobile apps are pushing the World towards an E - Commerce economy , which covers entire World seamlessly Tomorrow , Internet of Things ( IoT ) , will tell us what we need to do and when ! Our lives will be dictated by devices ! That will demand a b NEW SYSTEM of economic development which transcends national boundaries Old rules / regulations / laws will not help us find jobs for 12 million youths entering India's work force each year An ocean-going " Ship " , cannot traverse galactic distances of Space Following in the footsteps of Albert Einstein / Stephen Hawking , we need to " Bend the Space " And travel through the Worm-s ! Using the hologram of the " Start Up Act - 2015 " , we must project our economy into : " Distributist Economy ", which goes beyond the " Communist / Socialist / Capitalist " economies ! That is the ONLY WAY to create a , " New Economic Order / The Start Up Economic Order " Last - but not the least : No politician will oppose the unanimous ping of the " Start Up Act - 2015 " , in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha You know why ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hemen parekh 13 Sept 2015 B2BmessageBlaster

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