Weighing 237 kg, Delhi teen becomes world’s heaviest to undergo gastric bypass surgery: How doctors achieved the unthinkable

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New Delhi | Published: July 3, 2018 2:13:22 PM

Delhi's Mihir Jain, believed to be the world's heaviest teen, underwent a gastric bypass surgery at Max Hospital, Saket.

Obesity had affected Mihir?s life severely as he couldn?t stand or undertake any physical activity due to his weight. (Youtube)

Weight reduction surgeries are not uncommon these days. In fact, one may argue that clinics at every nook and corner in cities harbour clinics that make tall claims to help you lose that extra flab. Sounds regular, doesn’t it? But what if we were to tell you that the individual in question is a teenager who weighs a staggering 237 kg and is all but 14 years old.

Delhi’s Mihir Jain, believed to be the world’s heaviest teen, underwent a gastric bypass surgery at Max Hospital, Saket. The teen, a resident of Uttam Nagar in west Delhi, weighed a staggering 237 kgs before the surgery. The teenager’s BMI (height-weight ratio) was 92 against the normal BMI of a person which is supposed to be 22.5 kg/m2. Mihir could barely stand when he was brought to the hospital a few months ago.

The surgery, as a result, was no mean task. According to a Times Of India report, Dr Pradeep Chowbey, a veteran bariatric surgeon at Max Hospital who operated on Mihir, revealed that the teen was way too heavy when he first came to them and that he wasn’t confident about operating on the teen as the success rate for the operations is quite low.

It all began a few months ago when Mihir’s parents first brought him to the hospital for medical intervention to reduce his weight. Admittedly a pasta and pizza lover, Mihir was put on an extremely low-calorie diet which barely consisted 800 calories per day as compared to a normal person’s diet that has around 2,500- 3000 calories. to reduce weight. Mihir needed to lose at least 30 kg in order to be operated.

The doctor confessed that he thought that Mihir will fail at following such low-calorie diet and the family would never return. However, what followed surprised him. Determined to rid himself of his limitations, Mihir followed the rigorous diet and lost 10 kgs in merely 4 weeks. Two months on the same diet and Mihir’s dedication helped him come down to 196 kg. For further reduction, a surgery was a necessity.

Obesity had affected Mihir’s life severely as he couldn’t stand or undertake any physical activity due to his weight. His mother had to homeschool him as he wasn’t fit to attend school after the second standard. He spent all his time lying and sitting and couldn’t go outside.

Despite losing the kilos and following the prescribed diet, the surgery still a challenge for the doctors. The boy had 10-12 inches of fat beneath the muscles and normal instruments. Surgical manoeuvring inside his body had to be done with the help of longer than usual instruments.

Administering anaesthesia was another task due to the fat in the tongue, neck and throat that made insertion of the tube difficult. Also, the doctors had to rely only on their experience for the dose as there are no specific instructions in this regard for persons beyond the weight of 200 kg.

Dr Chowbey had to use a special instrument called flexible laryngoscope to administer the anaesthesia.

The operation lasted for two and a half hours. A gastric bypass was created in which the digestive system was re-routed past most of the stomach, making the person feel full on less food. Mihir was discharged in two weeks and now comes for regular check-ups. He now has been asked to rigorously follow the low-calorie diet.

Mihir’s parents first sought doctors’ help 8 years ago but were told that he was too young to undergo surgery then. Mihir wasn’t born this heavy, his mother said. He was born a normal baby who weighed 2.5 kg but eventually gained a huge amount of weight. Since most family members weigh on the heavier side, they didn’t realise the graveness of the situation and only realised it later when the boy weighed around 70-80 kgs when he turned five.

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