Watch Video: Sushma Swaraj speaks in fluent Kannada after war of words with Shashi Tharoor over Hindi

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Updated: January 4, 2018 1:07:20 PM

Sushma Swaraj had a war of words with Shashi Tharoor in Lok Sabha over Hindi language. Later, she tweeted a video where she delivered a speech in Kannada.

 Sushma Swaraj, Sushma Swaraj Kannada speech video, Hindi language in UN, Shashi Tharoor,Hindi, kannada sushma swaraj, sushma swaraj loksabha?I am proud of all Indian languages. I speak some of them fluently,? Swaraj revealed on Twitter. (Image: BJP/Youtube)

Not long ago, we all saw External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj blasting Pakistan at United Nation in the Hindi language. Swaraj, a firebrand national leader, is known for her fiery speeches and wit. Many of her speeches have gone viral and are usually delivered in Hindi. However, many must not be aware that Sushma, as she claims, is a fluent speaker of some South Indian languages including Kannada. “I am proud of all Indian languages. I speak some of them fluently,” Swaraj revealed on Twitter on Wednesday. The external affairs minister made the revelation after she was asked to learn South Indian languages from one of her followers. “From Sushma ji n all those for Hindi…come learn the South Indians languages..they are beautiful,” Mushahid Khan (unverified account), a follower of Swaraj, asked on miro-blogging site.

The entire discussion kicked off in reference to Swaraj’s comments on making Hindi an official language at United Nations. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had also issued rebuttals to Swaraj’s remarks. Sushma said that India is ready to bear all expenses, if necessary up to Rs 400 crore, to make Hindi one of the official languages of the United Nations but its rules for acquiring such a status prevents the country from doing so. Swaraj told Lok Sabha that support of two-third member countries (129 nations) is required out of the total 193 member UN nations to make Hindi one of its official language.

Along with that, all member nations will have to bear the cost of making Hindi one of the official languages of the UN. “It is not difficult to get the support of two-third member nations. But when the issue of bearing the expenses comes, many small nations become hesitant which has led to a big hurdle in making Hindi official languages of the UN,” she said.

Meanwhile, here’s Swaraj’s popular UN speech delivered in Hindi

However, her remarks drew a wisecrack from Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. He pointed out as to why India should make the effort to make Hindi as one of the languages in the UN as it is only India’s official language and not the national language. “If tomorrow someone from Tamil Nadu or from West Bengal becomes the Prime Minister, why should we force him to speak in Hindi at the UN,” he said.

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