Watch: Rahul Gandhi will establish ‘aaloo ki factory’ after Congress’ come back to power

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New Delhi | Updated: October 12, 2016 7:26:39 PM

The fact behind his 'potato factory' comment is unique and people who were criticising him will put their finger between the teeth.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. (Source: PTI)Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. (Source: PTI)

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s ‘potato factory’ comment during his interaction with people in Firozabad landed himself into controversy and people started raising questions over his Intelligence quotient (IQ) level, from politicians to common people everyone started trolling on him and video clip of the event went viral on social media.

Even BJP president Amit Shah took a jibe at him and said, “He should concentrate on his ‘aaloo ki factory’. But no one had tried to find out that what did he actually said in the event.

The fact behind his ‘potato factory’ comment is unique and people who were criticising him will put their finger between the teeth.

Actually, in the meeting a villager ask him set-up a potato chips factory in Firozabad so that they would be able to get a good price of their crops.

Presently farmers sell their potatoes to mediator they are even unaware of market prices. In this situation, they are not even able to get back the cost prices sometimes. Hence, a farmer urged Gandhi to established a chips factory there.

After that when Rahul Gandhi was addressing the gathering he pronounced ‘aaloo ki factory’ instead of ‘aaloo ke chips ki factory’, that social media transcribed into a ‘major mistake’ of him.

Trolling on Rahul Gandhi and catching his words have become a favourite work of some anti-Congress elements but sometimes he is not that wrong that people consider him.

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