To counter oppn ‘disinformation’, BJP chief Amit Shah seeks to mobilise 10-cr new members

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New Delhi | Published: April 13, 2015 4:05:15 PM

BJP chief Amit Shah today exhorted partymen to reach out to its 10 crore new members to counter the opposition's 'disinformation campaign' against...

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah today exhorted partymen to reach out to its 10 crore new members to counter the opposition’s “disinformation campaign” against its government and, at the same time, lay a strong foundation to take the party forward.

Addressing a workshop of its state conveners for the party’s ‘Mahasampark Abhiyaan’ (mega-outreach campaign), to be launched on May 1, he said that the opposition’s claims against the Narendra Modi government has to be dealt with unitedly by party workers.

“There is a major disinformation campaign launched by opposition against our government to spread lies about its work. This major outreach campaign will take on this disinformation campaign and take the truth to the people.

“Whosoever tries to spread lies against us, the 10 crore members of the party will fan out across the country and tell the truth to the people.

Public outreach has the biggest impact and our 10 crore members will reach out to the 100 crore people in the country,” Shah said.

He termed the Abhiyaan a “samudra manthan” (deep churning) that will throw up dedicated party workers from among its 10- crore new members who, in turn, will lay a strong foundation to take BJP to newer heights.

The BJP campaign will start from May 1 with the aim to turn the new members into party workers. The Abhiyaan will run for three months till July 31. As part of it, party leaders will reach out to the new members and try and convince them to become party workers, said the BJP President.

“The nearly 10 crore new members are well wishers of the party. Through this Abhiyaan, these party members will be converted into so many party workers to strengthen the organisation,” he said, adding that, from August 1, another campaign will be launched wherein the party will select 15 lakh dedicated party workers and give them training in politics.

Shah, meanwhile, told the BJP conveners and workers that while the party has adopted a new electronic model for the enrolment of new members, these will have checks and balances in place to ensure removal of any shortcomings. Electronic checks will be done to remove any shortcomings, he added.

Shah lauded BJP workers for taking the organisation from its fledgling Jana Sangh days to a position where it today has nearly 10 crore members, making it the world’s largest party. He credited their ideology for the achievement.

“Ours is an ideology that believes in inclusiveness and touching everyone… We believe in reaching out to the last man in the line and helping him stand amongst the first in the line.

“Our workers have not struggled so far only to grab power. In 10 months of our government, the world is watching our country with hope,” Shah said.

He also highlighted the “long tradition of sacrifice” in the party and asked the cadre to be prepared for churning out new party leaders for the future through these 10 crore members.

Shah further said that theirs was the only party where the inner democracy was still intact. Many party leaders, including presidents, had dedicated their lives to the nation and their ideology, he added.

As to the outreach programme, he said that every new member has to be contacted personally to help turn him or her into an active worker.

He said that literature would be handed out among the new members detailing the party’s long history of struggle and its ideology along with the good work done by the various governments led by it.

BJP will also set up a major digital databank, which will be maintained at the district and tehsil level as well, Shah added.

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