Success lessons from Uday Kotak, Anand Mahindra after Virat Kohli & Co’s Champions Trophy loss to Pakistan

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New Delhi | Updated: June 20, 2017 12:58:47 PM

How to be successful? The answer to this question is not easy. Simply because only the one who has been successful can answer this.

uday kotak, anand mahindra, how to successful, champions trophy final, champions trophy 2017, india versus pakistan, india pakistan, virat kohliPakistan players take a selfie at the podium during the award ceremony for the ICC Champions Trophy at The Oval in London, Sunday, June 18, 2017. Pakistan won the final by crushing India for 180 runs. (AP/PTI)

How to be successful? The answer to this question is not easy. Simply because only the one who has been successful can answer this. Or, the person who has taken a beating can tell how one can not be successful. Most of us are neither losers nor winners. While all of us continue to search for the ideal success formula all the time, sports often provide best lessons. Reason: Sportspersons witness successes and failures more rapidly than anyone else. And the way they win or tend to lose is a mine-full of lessons for all.

After India’s massive loss to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final 2017, two business leaders of the country — Anand Mahindra and Uday Kotak — have shared their views on Pakistan’s success and how it can be useful for all. In a tweet, Mahindra says, Pakistan team had the “spirit of start-up. They just didn’t didn’t know what was impossible.”

Success becomes hard to achieve when we start believing something as impossible. Amidst cut-throat competition, not just in the market but in every field of life, it pays to be paranoid, instead of being overconfident or complacent. Kotak explains in a tweet, “In life as in cricket complacency or overconfidence is lethal. As Indian  markets go up same is true. It is said “only paranoid survive”!”

In the final, India were apparently overconfident and lacked a winning strategy. Certainly it was because they had thrashed Pakistan in the opening game of the tournament. When the pressure of expectations mounted, Indian bowlers spilled runs and batters gave up wickets while Pakistan, who had nothing to lose, grew stronger as the match progressed. Herein also lies another lesson: One should never lose the spirit of a start-up, as Mahindra says it is easy to achieve something when we are not aware of the impossible.

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