Stoic Rama after Angry Hanuman: Artist Karan Acharya reveals what he plans next

Karan Acharya, the man behind the creation of vector image ‘angry Hanuman’ has now come up with a new art in the form of an image of Lord Rama.

With his creation of the Hanuman image gaining immense popularity, his company is making small but steady beginnings.

Karan Acharya, the man behind the creation of vector image ‘angry Hanuman’ has now come up with a new art in the form of an image of Lord Rama. The Bengaluru-based artist has made two images of Rama, one with a beard and one without it. Karan, who works in an animation-design company, has started his own company to sell t-shirts with his artwork and plans to give shape to many mythological figures through his art. With the Hanuman t-shirt now available for sale, the artist while speaking to FinancialExpress online said he plans to come up with t-shirts having images of Rama, Sita, Laxman and many more.

“I made the image of Lord Rama one month back and uploaded later on social media. I got appreciation for it and I will also launch a t-shirt with full body image of Lord Rama,” said Karan while expressing his desire to create more such art. He said that he released Rama images to wish the people of Kerala on the occasion of ‘Ramayana Masam.’ He defines the expression as ‘stoic’ which describes the moment when Lord Rama was about to kill Ravana.

Stoic Rama (Karan Acharya blog)

With his ‘angry Hanuman’ t-shirt receiving huge appreciation since it’s creation, the artist is elated to share the t-shirt sale figures of Hanuman. “We have sold around 350 t-shirts of vector image of lord Hanuman in the first week of its launch and daily around 20 orders are being made to us for the t-shirts,” said Karan, adding that his company, Paridhi Media Works, has no investors as of now and whatever he has done till now is from his own resources.

“I have started my own company along with my wife Pooja, Gurudeep and my friend Havish. My wife is also an artist and she also looks at the sales figures of the company,” added Karan.

A few companies had initially approached him to make use of his Hanuman image to make t-shirts, but Karan decided to instead do it on on his own through his company. The Hanuman art is now a copyright of Karan. However, Karan says he does not have a problem with companies using his art, but they need to take his permission first as they are doing a business out of it.

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With his creation of the Hanuman image gaining immense popularity, his company is making small but steady beginnings. Though a small team with a fledgling company, the acceptability of this art throughout the country has given him a big platform. “I established my company one month ago and was able to complete all the formalities just one week ago. Currently, we do not have a printer of our own so we have to order printing,” he said, adding that he now partners with Amazon for the sale of his t-shirts.

Speaking in Hindi, Karan said: “I will bring t-shirts with images of Lord Rama, Sita, Laxman and many other mythological figures in the coming times,” adding that he wants to create more such art with fine animation skills. Admitting to his command over Kannada and Malayalam languages, Karan says even if he gets lesser time after his regular office hours, he tries best to think on ideas and planning.

Part of his future plans include a yet to be launched comic book with the Hanuman character at the centre of it. “It would be a futuristic comic creation with the imagination of the world after 100-200 years.” He also plans to develop an application of the comic to enable it’s readers to see the animation scenes of Hanuman. “I want to bring an app along with the comic, which will show Hanuman flying and climbing mountains so that readers get an engaging feel about the art,” he added.

Karan made the Hanuman vector image in 2015 on the request of his cousins and friends. He says they requested him to draw something for the flag that was to be hosted during the Ganesh festival in his village. Acharya was freelancing at that time. He had earlier drawn some mythological figures, which led to his friends approach him. As the image took the space of profile pictures on social media, car windshields, controversy erupted on the issue of aggressive Hindutva.

However, Acharya refused to see his creation as ‘angry Hanuman’, but defined the expression and intensity as an attitude of the Lord. “In my childhood, I watched Ramayana and Mahabharata with my mother and I am a Hanuman bhakt (devotee), it is my art and I will continue to make such mythological images,” said Acharya, underlining that it is just an art form and any controversy around is meaningless and all colours (orange, green, red) are equal for him.

Karan’s ‘angry Hanuman’ has become so popular that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored it in an election rally in Karnataka in the month of May. His art was described by many political parties and people as a form of aggressive Hindutva in the country, which they alleged is being propagated by the ruling BJP. But, praising Karan, Modi termed it as a pride and lashed out at the opposition for creating a controversy over the art, which has captured the imagination of the nation. “The Congress’ ecosystem doesn’t even tolerate the magnificent art of Karan Acharya whose Hanuman captured the imagination of the entire country. Unable to digest its success, the Congress tried miring it in a controversy. There is no iota of democracy in the minds of Congress members,” the PM said at his May 5 rally.

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