Smriti Irani, Who? Know what happened when textiles minister came face to face with Priyanka Gandhi

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New Delhi | Updated: October 10, 2017 12:15:57 PM

In the heat of 2014 General Elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi almost survived an existential crisis on his own turf - Amethi.

smriti irani, amit shah, priyanka gandhi. amethi, rahul gandhi, smriti rahul, smriti irani rahul gandhi, smriti priyanka, bjp, smriti irani amethiIn 2014, Priyanka Gandhi had quipped, ?Who? when asked about Smrtiti Irani.

In the heat of 2014 General Elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had a narrow escape on his own turf – Amethi. His winning margin as compared to 2009, dipped from 3.7 lakh to 1.07 lakh votes in 2014 and BJP’s Smriti Irani, a former actor-turned-politician, was considered as the main factor behind this existential threat to Congress in Amethi. The threat still exists as Congress has already been wiped out from all five constituencies of Amethi.

Result of elections apart, 2014 elections in Amethi turned into a big drama when Congress’ Priyanka Gandhi, who was campaigning in the constituency of her brother Rahul, quipped on Irani with a single word, “Who?” Priyanka’s remark came when she was asked about BJP’s continuous attacks on the Congress.

You may wonder on whether Smriti Irani ever confronted Priyanka and introduced herself. Yes she did, says Irani herself. In an interview to Times Now on Monday Irani recalled her encounter with Priyanka on a flight two years ago.

Irani and BJP president Amit Shah are holding a massive rally in Amethi today. When the interviewer asked what she has to say about Priyanka’s 2014 remark, Irani said, “Nothing.”

“In fact, I met her on a flight. She was seated behind me on a jet flight from Chennai, I believe, or Bangalore, I turned around and I introduced myself and I said, Priyanka Ji ‘mai Smriti Irani hoon’ (I am Smriti Irani), she was quite polite.”

Irani further said, “I think that in political, special circumstances like elections, and especially a family, which is so well ordained in politics, which has lived a whole legacy and a life of ‘Tum jaante ho, mere pitaji kaun hai (Do you know who my father is?), it is much expected that somebody will behave in that way.”

On Monday, Irani had accused Rahul Gandhi “insulting” the people of Gujarat and claimed that the Congress will suffer what she called a
“historic defeat” in the upcoming assembly polls.

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