Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani makes shocking accusation against husband Peter Mukerjea

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New Delhi | Published: November 15, 2017 9:07:38 PM

The sensational Sheena Bora murder case has again taken a dramatic turn as the key accused Indrani Mukerjea has made some shocking allegations on her husband Peter Mukerjea

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The sensational Sheena Bora murder case has again taken a dramatic turn as the key accused Indrani Mukerjea, on Wednesday, told a CBI court that her husband and media mogul Peter Mukerjea might have caused her daughter’s disappearance out of “greed and ill-will”. Although she did not expressly accuse Peter of killing Sheena, she submitted an application before the trial court on Wednesday seeking Peter’s call data records from an alternate number alleging that he along with others had conspired, abducted and caused Sheena’s disappearance. Indrani also said that Peter and their former driver Shyamwar Rai could be behind her abduction, making her untraceable and destroying evidence.

Indrani also alleged that Peter and others might have manipulated the circumstances to frame her and influence witnesses and situations that led to her arrest. “I have strong reasons to believe that Peter Mukerjea, with the assistance of other persons, including (accused turned approver) Shyamwar Rai may have conspired and abducted my daughter Sheena in 2012 and made her untraceable and subsequently destroyed evidence,” she said in an application. The court said that the copy of the plea was to be given to Peter and the CBI.
Indrani said that she believes Peter and others may have manipulated the circumstances to frame her and influence witnesses, situations, and information that led to her arrest “for the heinous crime that they may have committed, aided and abetted”. She added, “I am convinced that if we are able to obtain the call detail record of Peter, we will be in a better position to ascertain if Peter and other persons were involved in the disappearance of my daughter Sheena and there will be more clarity if Peter and other persons have a role in framing me”.
She sought the call detail records for the period between January 2012 and December 2012, and from January 2015 to December 2015. “I offer my sincere gratitude to your honour for your kindness and endeavor to provide justice to my daughter, Sheena, who may have lost her life on account of greed, betrayal, jealousy, lust, and ill-will of persons whom she dearly loved and trusted,” she said in her application.
Meanwhile, Peter’s lawyer Shrikant Shivde said that he will not comment on Indrani’s allegations and will file an appropriate reply in court. Currently, the second witness, driver Shyamvar Rai is being cross-examined by the defense. Rai has been on the stand since July. The alleged murder of Sheena Bora came to light in August 2015 after Rai, arrested in another case, spilled the beans and Mumbai police arrested Indrani, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna, and Rai.

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